Retroperitoneal cyst in the ovarian fossa anyone? 0.0

Ok so I had my second lap and what was supposed to be a cystectomy yesterday and it didn't go according to plan! Turns out the cyst which they thought was on my ovary actually isn't and its in the ovarian fossa (which is the hollowy bit the ovary snuggles into, not very technical I know but I'm trying to make a scary situation sound better in my head lol) so now I have to have a CT scan to see exactly what the heck it is and what needs to be done surgery wise. Scared a lot. On the plus side, no endo was found and the rest of my lady-plumbing looks fine apparently. So Adenomyosis is still top of the pile in the diagnosis game, and I have some weird horrible complicated thing which I hoped would have been gone when I woke up! Hhhhm. Bit of a mixed bag for good news really, if anyone has any info for me about what I've actually got cause google just tells me stuff in super-medical language and the hospital were very cagey (rightly so) because they don't really know what it is either and don't want to say the wrong thing, that would be fab. Words like tumour and cancer keep popping into my head and I feel like I've even trampled by wild horses from the lap.

Sending best wishes to you all :) xxx

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  • I'm sorry I can't help, and really hope those wild horses stop trampling you.

    Have a look at the Ovacome website - there is a nurse you can email who is very supportive and honest about anything ovary/cyst related, and she will help eventhough it isn't cancer.

    Hope you get start feeling better soon x

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