Scared new member wanting to introduce myself

Hi everyone.

I wanted to introduce myself to everyone. This seems to be a very tight and personal community. So, I wanted to let you girls know a little about me and my road here........I am 28 years old. In the last 6 1/2 months I have had 4 really bad kidney infections, a stomach infection, gi infection and a uti. I have lost 74 pounds of weight. I have to go do my lap and I am so scared. I know its for my best. I am a proud mother of 3. I have been with my handsome husband for almost 11 years. I am going to school to be an early an early interventionist. My doctor made me take this semester and next semester off. I am a preschool teacher. However, I have already lost my job because of endo. I have the most amazing husband ever ;-) he is researching all different kinds of diets and home remedies. So if anyone has any good books, ideas, etc. please let me know. I am willing to try anything at this point. Today I am hopeful. Thank you girls got the sport

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  • Welcome to the site, I've found it really helpful and hope you do too. In regards to stopping the pain I use an electric heat pad for the sofa and a hot water bottle and then a fulll sized heat under blanket in bed. A really long hot bath helps too, I take the laptop in with me, ballance it on the toilet and watch things on 4od or bbci player (or post on here lol). I've been known to have a 4 hour bath before lol!

    Look forward to seeing you post more xx

  • Hi and welcome

    This site is fantastic for ideas and sharing experiences, but keep in mind that the success stories of endo and pain free women are out there (unfortunately when someone is all right never/rarely writes here).

    I will agree with missteal, hot pads etc are the best for pain relief, I have a hot pad that I heat it in the microwave and I sleep with it every night.

    The endo diet is very important too. As you said you have researched, I believe you came across with this diet, to avoid gluten/wheat, dairy, red meat, caffeine, sugar, alcohol, processed food etc.

    There are some lovely books online (in amazon) with endo diet recipes. And the following site explains everything too:

    There are women that swear in this diet, I'm gluten intolerant so I am following the gluten free part anyway, I have minimised dairy, no red meat, no alcohol and no caffeine so far. (yes sugar is still on, I have the sweet tooth big time! lol)

    The result?? I can handle the endo pain only with hot pads, baths etc and no painkillers at all.

    The painkillers that usually work for endo pains are opium based, highly addictive that will make you spaced out, so once again they are just messing only with you head to forget the pain. I dont think this is a way of living, when diet can do the same too.

    Jo x

  • Hi,

    I do heats as well.

    I dont take powerful painkiller as I breastfeed . Like you, I blessed I have three kids .

    I only take paracetamols which is not very strong as you know but with breastfeeding I am short of options. I don't have hormones treatment anymore as I don't react well to them , I tried a lot of painkillers but a lot of them had so many side effects that it was hard to lead my life .

    I do understand what you are going through . I have had 5 laps do far and I have a cyst on ovary at the moment !

    I take vitamins supplements and it seems to boost my body energy a bit.

    Stay positive !

  • I would recommend you ask your Dr for a test for coeliac disease. There has been research linking it with endo and often weight loss and pelvic pain can be linked with it. If you are positive on the blood tests and other tests then you know you need to avoid gluten for life. So it's worth finding out as you may have 2 things not just one causing you problems.

  • Yes there are some connections with coeliac and endo, but not too hard evidence so far. They are both more or less auto-immune diseases so there is a link.

    I have been diagnosed too with gluten sensitivity just one month before the endo diagnosis.

    So if you do any blood check, ask for the coeliac test too, just keep in mind that people that are not gluten allergic and only sensitive have negative result in blood tests. I was like that, but when the gastroenterologist suggested gluten free diet i was feeling so good after a week or so.

    Jo x

  • Hiya Imscared. I've just had my first lap and it's not so bad. My pain is much less and i know what's going on inside now so try to look at it as a positive. If you're on Facebook there's a great page called Natural Endo Girls or for more ideas just type endometriosis in on an amazon search, there's loads to look at. I would recommend the endo diet too, see www.endo-resolved for info. Take care and if you have any lap questions there are loads of us to put your mind at rest xx

  • Dude... I was just telling my husband about how scared I am to do the lap. I think he is just as scared as I am, just in a different way.we were talking about it right before I opened my inbox. I think its true that God gives us what we NEED when he thinks we need it. And right now I needed to heat all of this. I don't have a face book account but I might make one. It seems to be impossible to find support groups for endo, in my area. Thank you ladies for all the love, support, and resources

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