Trying to find Substitute for pain meds

I have heard that there are other ways to dealing with this pain. My doctor gave me pain meds but they make me tired and I have three kids that God has blessed me and I need to be there for. My husband is about to go crazy from watching me be in pain! I can't be a good mom and wife if my head is in the clouds? I am open to any suggestions. I heard that my diet can help a lot with pain.

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  • What pain meds are you on?

    There are theories that going wheat free help people. I don't know if I believe this as my symptoms flared up when I was diagnosed as a coeliac and going gluten and wheat free didn't help me. However, as gluten is inflammatory it may help and is a simple way to test if it works. A lot of people saying avoiding all dairy also helps.

    I say get some damn good pain killers and anti-inflammatories. Talk to your Dr about ones which won't make you so tired!

  • I am taking Norcos and phenergan for pain and anti nausea. . I can't stop vomiting! I am so frustrated :'(

  • Hey

    I've found that pain killers dont really help, so about 4 months ago I found a good homepath who has been given me homeopathic medicine, and I've started an endo diet and last weekend I found myself a local nutrionist who will help create me a food plan.

    Its a real nightmare but if we dont help ourselves no one else will. I have found using castor oil 3 times a week - rubbing it on the abdominal area's and then putting a towel over it, with a hot water bottle. this really helps the pain.

    Also with regards to the diet, cut out all dairy, all sugar, caffiene, fast foods, processed foods, fizzy drinks, this is a huge help. its really hard trying to cut everything out - but give it a go for a few months and see if it helps you.

    riz x

  • Hi I have some acupuncture from a trained physiotherapist which is helping me to cope I also find that just eating healthy and gentle exercise ie a swim or gentle session at the gym helps x

  • So, I keep reading all these things not to eat, can someone out there give me a really yummy recipe? I am starving lol. I don't want to make my symptoms/pain any worse. However I don't know what I am doing. I already eat all raw foods. My husband has been really good about keeping only healthy food in the house. I love him so much. I really am blessed.

  • Hi,

    have you tried ova tens (from tenscare). It's for period pain but it can help with endo pain. I got mine a few months ago & find it helps my pain, especially the cramping in my lower back. It's not too expensive (I think it's about £35).

    Have a look at their website & see what you think.

    Hope this helps.


  • How much is that in American money? I am willing to try anything at this point lol

  • I think it's about $40 (is a bit less than I thought - £27 not £35) Hope this helps.


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