Hi, have anybody else experienced worsening endo symptoms after eating certain foods (peanuts, linseeds, soy)?

I've noticed pain increase, worsening acne and a sore nose (!!?) 1-2 days after eating certain foods - not IBS symptoms but what I think is pure endo symptoms. After looking up these foods (peanuts and linseeds in particular) I found that they are high in plant estrogens. Have anyone else noticed anything similar? And by the way, does anybody else get a sore nose with endometriosis?

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  • I have heard that you can have endo anywhere, up the nose, in a lung.....might be worth getting it checked out. Cant help with the food thing as i have ibs too so I can never tell whats causing what lol. xx

  • Missteal you shouldnt terrify people by saying the extreme rare cases of endo in lungs etc etc. These are very rare, thank God.

    Esbjorn, the foods you are talking about are in a category that many people have allergy or intolerance.

    Nuts and soy are number one for bad reactions. You dont need to be allergic all your life in these, you could just developing a sensitivity.

    I am gluten intolerant (since last year, few months before my endo diagnosis) , so I am in gluten free diet, and I try to follow the endo diet too. My gastoenterologist said that sensitivities in food can appear at any time and usually if you are off e.g. nuts for a few months you can introduce them again gradually in your diet.

    The endo diet lists foods to avoid and one of them is SOY. It has to do with some of its ingredients causing inflammation and more pain when you have endo (as the same it is for gluten, red meat, caffeine etc).

    So I would suggest quit soy and stay away from nuts for a bit, and monitor yourself. And then go and see your doctor and he will tell you what to do.

    Best of luck

    Jo x

  • Hi Jo

    Many thanks to you and Justchii & Missteal. What is this endo diet you're talking about? Where could I find the information? Pretty sure it's not IBS as I have IBS caused by dairy - symptoms very different.

    Many, many thanks ;-)

    esbj x

  • Hi

    Yes, some foods are a real no go for endo sufferes. Avoid wheat, sugar, soy, fizzy drinks, processed foods, biscuits and cakes.

    I've recently switched to a wheat free diet and its really helping me. You can find specific endo recipes online and these will help reduce the pain. Im also using castor oil 3 times a week and this also helps.

    Riz x

  • Hi im new on here keep seeing this endo diet what is it. Thanks:-)

  • Endo diet is based on avoiding certain types of food that one way or another are causing inflammation in the pelvic area and endo tissues. By avoiding these, there is eventually pain reduction and there are some women with endo that they swear in this diet, It it quite strict but it is worth it if it means that the pain can be less or not present at all.

    Certain food to avoid: wheat/gluten, sugar, red meat, soy, caffeine, alcohol, dairy etc.

    I have added the following sites for help and there are lovely books for endo diet recipes on amazon too.



    Jo x

  • Thank you so much for the Web sits. I am new to this site and I already have found so much support from reading everybody blogs.

  • Diet does play a big role in all health. There's an interesting thread on the gluten free site here about soy / peanuts etc which may also be of use:


  • I think the endo diet is a brilliant idea, but personally it's not for me - I would starve on it :) !

    However, I do stick to some of the endo diet principles when I'm having a bad flare up and bleeding heavy as I find it helps massively. Maybe try cutting out a few things at a time and see if you notice a difference - I think sometimes there is a risk that people can start cutting out things they like that don't actually make a difference to them: if that makes sense. Every body is different and responds differently to different things, and beings as my body likes chocolate I'm going to keep letting it have it! ;)

    Oh, and I don't have nose endo, but do get it in random places so if I can get it I'm my bum cheek, Im sure you can get it in your nose. My consultant said it's one of those things that they read about in books, but will go through their whole career without ever seeing it.


  • I agree that you could get it anywhere, but all I said is that whenever someone says when she eats soy or nuts gets some nose reaction, you could say first that there is some kind of food intolerance/reaction/allergy and not straight away is endo in your nose!

    For God's shake this is a bit extreme to terrify someone straight away for something like that, especially when is after eating foods that many people have intolerance.

    As for the diet, I agree that some people react in different ways to certain food, so trial and error is the best thing to do.

    But if it means that with the endo diet I can be pain free, I'm willing to sacrifice some kind of food to have a nice and pain free life with my hubby, family and friends..it is definitely worth it for me and I cant even compare it to opium based painkillers as tramadol, codeine etc. I just refuse to take them all together.

    At the moment I'm gluten free, no read meat, no caffeine, no alcohol (still a bit of dairy and sugar/deserts) and there is already difference as all I have to do for the endo pain is to use hot pads.

    Jo x

  • Thanks so muchfor the links really apreciate it. Im willing to try anything after near on ten years anything worth trying n i shud no tried most things lol. Im so glad ive joined here wish id known before laura x

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