Zoladex , low mood, should I have 3rd inj or not?

Hi there. New here. Had endo number of years, have ovarian dysfunction due to broad ligament varicocele, had 3 laps in past and after last dd born my endo is back along with some terrible oestrogen dominance symptoms. Due to have 3rd inj of zoladex in 2 weeks but my mood is so low I don't know if I want 3rd one! I have 4 children, youngest is just 15 months and as a normally very active, outgoing, high energy cup half full personality, I don't recognise myself! My poor husband is supportive but suffering my low mood, as are my children. I have headaches, sleep disturbance-lethargy. It's awful. Any suggestions welcome and thank you to anyone reading and sorry for the ramble :( xxxx

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  • Thank you so much for taking the time to reply. I have tried the mirena but had low mood with that also so it seems I am super-sensitive to these synthetic hormones!!! My gynae has suggested removal of left ovary etc/ or radical hysto as hormonal imbalance likely to continue!!!! I don't want either tbh but need to get sorted but obv minus these hormones! I'm going to ring gynae first thing Monday! I need to get ME back! I think i already know what he will say, like you said about it working first to see if the treatment is successful. as for add-back therapy, i am now frightened to death of putting anything else into my body, knowing how ive reacted to one drug after another over the last year!!! Anyway, im happy rhe mirena is good for you and thanks also for the hugs they are much appreciated right now xxx

  • Hi Princesst36

    Sorry to hear you are not feeling yourself. I've just had my 4th zoladex injection on Thursday and was feeling very similar to you until now.

    I had my 1st injection and had the hot flushes, night sweats and felt bloody arwful. I wasn't keen on having the 2nd but read on here that I need to give the zoladex time. I told the nurse about the side effects I was experiencing and she didn't offer any support. Two weeks later I couldn't take it any longer so called the hospital and got an appointment with my gynae who perscribed me livival add back. This did help a bit and reduced my symptoms but I still woke up 3-4 times a night.

    When I had my 3rd injection I asked if I could see the gynae to see if I could change the add back. He recommended that I take 2 livival as they are a low doseage. I took two tablets a day and went on holiday. I still continued to wake up in the night but my hot flushes and night sweats reduced. I was feeling a lot better until about 2wks later I started to get period pains. I didn't think I could get a period on zoladex and was very wrong. I had a very heavy period with lots of clots which lasted a week.

    It took a week to get an emergency appointment with my gynae. I rang his secretary every day and it wasn't until I cried down the phone and said it's so heavy I've flooded the seat in my car, that I got to see him. He didn't know what caused the period but didn't think it was the livival add back. I explained how I still had the hot flushes, night sweats and was waking up in the night. He then perscribed prempack c which is a different add back. I was very caucious at first as I couldn't find much info on it being perscribed for endo but I have taken it.

    I had my 4th injection Thursday just gone, which was a week after I started the prempack c add back. I had the usual draining feeling after the zoladex injection on Thursday and Friday, but I'm feeling a lot better than I have done this weekend. Since taking the prempack I've slept through the night, and had no hot flushes or night sweats. My mood has lifted too.

    Call your gynae tomorrow and ask for some hrt add back. I was roughly at the same stage as you when I tried the add back, and was ready to come off the injections. Be aware that it might take a while to find the right add back for you, and indeed it's not for everyone. I wouldn't right the zoladex off just yet.

    I hope you are feeling better today. Sending you hugs XXX

  • Hi! Thank you for your response. It's overwhelming that people take so much time to reply. I feel brighter today but physically same. Your advice is sound and I am going to do just that! Prob why I feel brighter! I think I've been lucky with no hot flushes or night sweats but the tiredness, nausea and low mood are horrid! Finding enough energy ordinarily can be tough with 4 kids but at the moment it's almost impossible! I know my gynae will give me addback and encourage ongoing zoladex. I don't have any problems with heavy periods thankfully tho your situations sounds dreadful you poor thing! I still have a lot of pain. Do you? Or did u and if it stopped when? Thank again, so much!!!! :) xxx

  • Oh bless you. I have 4 dogs and its hard work, so don't know how you manage with 4 kids :-)

    I do still have pelvic pain but not as bad as before the injections and add back. I've got a pain in my left side, leg pain and lower back pain, so I think I've got another cyst. I don't think zoladex gets rid of all the pain but it helps and makes it more bare able. We're all different though, as for some people it totally gets rid of the pain. I still get very tired though and often fall asleep on the sofa as I'm exhausted.

    I'm 36 and only got diagnosed in March when I had a lap. The gynae thought I had cancer so I'm more than relieved it's endo. I've had it since I was 13 but was fobbed off with everyone gets these pains. I'm relieved that I now know what it is and that I can find info on here about the condition. It really helps knowing there are others out there who know how your feeling. My husband and family are supportive but I feel I complain to them a lot, and they stop listening.

    I'm glad you're feeling a bit brighter today. Hopefully you can get in touch with your gynae tomorrow and get some add back. Then you should be able to get some sleep, which I find always makes me feel better.

    Chin up and look after yourself.

    Angela XXX

  • Angela! How lovely you are! I feel the same re complaining! My husband listens intently but I am painfully aware that I am saying (whining)the same thing over and over! He said I don't smile recently when I am known for my smiling!!! How sad eh? Mind you I try to remind myself how lucky I am in other ways! I've had a nasty cold n throat infection recently and not been able to train (I run and work out loads) for over a week and I think that's defo made me worse! I think excersize really helps me overcome the energy and I do sleep better then too! Do u exersize with your doggies!? It's soooooo good to talk to someone who gets it! None of my friends or family have had Endo/gynae probs so they have no idea how dibilatating it can be!!! Thank you again. I cried when I read your response earlier as I am constantly reminded that there are some truly kind people in the world ;) Tracie xxxxxx

  • Hi Tracie

    I do think family and husbands try to understand but it's hard for them because they don't feel the pain you're in. Also because when people look at you, and you look ok they think you are ok.

    Yes I do lots of walks with the dogs but they are only little so they don't want to walk too far. I've started swimming regularly and I'm trying to build up the number of exercise classes I go to. Exercise definately makes you feel better.

    Did you manage to get in contact with your gynae today? Hope your mood is improving.

    If you do feel down, feel free to send me a message. We all need to vent at times :-)

    Angela XXX

  • Hi angela, your doggies sound so cute! Strangely after one of my lowest days Saturday, with a few weeks that way, on Saturday evening I felt much lighter in mood. Woke up full of the joys on Sunday and I've been the real me again today! I feel fab! Nothing's changed. My two little ones are ill so I've not got anymore sleep, probably less so I don't know what the reason is???!!! Not knocking it tho!!! Only other thing I think maybe is that I've started using a tiny bit of progesterone cream again. I've used before as I've had miscarriages due to

    Low progesterone. I'm dubious as to its real worth but some people swear by it! So, I didn't ring gynae as I had no real reason to. If I start to feel like that again this week I will ring ASAP and get to see him

    But for now fingers crossed! Thanks for listening to my vent! I will always return the favour anytime. Ill let u know how I go on! ;) Tracie xxx whoop whoop - giddy girlifer is back! Xxx

  • I'm really glad to hear you're feeling brighter and your husband and kids have you back :-)

    Keep smiling

    Angela XXX

  • Hi Angela! How are you today???! I am still feeling great! It's so good to be chipper again! I've just done Zumba tonight for first time in about ten days and I really enjoyed it! Thank you so much for your support, please keep in touch. Sending you a sunshine smile :) Tracie xxx

  • Hi, thought I would give you my experience. I have just had my 4th prostap injection and although was prescribed hrt from the beginning. I wanted the trial to be true so didn't take it. After injection 2 I was pain free but the menopausal symptoms were driving me and my family insane.. At the end of three months I started the hrt and it took nearly 1month to work, but I have now been flush free for 3 weeks :) and my mood has lifted. I am now waiting for my hysterectomy and although I will be on hrt for 15 years and that brings its own risks and endo may come back its worth the risk in my eyes. You need to do what's best for you and your family and I wish you well in making the decision but please try all avenues within the treatment plan before you give up on it, only because consultant may offer again in future saying That you didn't give it chance to work the first time round......

  • Hi there, thx for taking the time to reply it means so much! You are right and I've gathered that most women seem to do better with some add back and it seems worse at the almost 3rd month stage! I that makes sense really as my gynae said 1st month worse as oestrogen excess, then 2nd month similar and after 3rd month symptoms (of Endo and oestrogen dominance) should be improved!! I think I need to grin and bear it but will ask for some addback, although I've had a brilliant day today, I just got better as the day went on!??? (Mood wise) anyway here's hoping I could just be on the up!!! ;) I'm glad to hear your feeling better with addback. Which one are you on? Thanks again, Tracie xx

  • Hi Hun! Thanks so much for replying! You are right about seeing treatment through! Strangely I've been 200% better since Saturday evening? Not sure why although I've started using a smidge of progesterone cream?! Other than that nothing's different at all! So, I'm happy to have me back and I know my hubby and kids are delighted! Hope it lasts or ill be straight on phone to gynae for some addback. I really can't feel like that again. Maybe I've just turned a corner and my body's adjusted more now?!! Who knows?! I'm enjoying tho! I'm not pain free but optimistic it'll get better! Positive mental attitude (bit easier now I'm feeling fab again). Thank you and best wishes with your op. let us know how u get on. Tracie xxx

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