Has any 1 experianced this!!!

hi im looking for advice or comments on this issue!!! i had surgery last wednesday to remove my ovaries and fallopian tubes and also adhesions taken away but ive been having a few wee hiccups since!!! first i sufferd really bad with the gas pains and had to get an injection to relieve the pain then my bowel hadnt moved for 5 days so had to take lactulose then on monday i was having shooting pains going up my pubic bone and when i was passing urine it was sore so doc said i had urine infection and put me on antibiotics but now today ive got such a burning feeling at the bottom of my stomache running right across and doc phones me to say it isnt a urine infection and he suggests i see my own gp straight away. so was wondering if any one has had this surgery and if this is all part of the healing. xx

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  • Hi Sharon Mck,

    Sorry to hear you are having a bad time of things I had my Lap on 13th July and I was off work for 2months :( I too took lactolose for 4weeks I I healed slow it hurt when I went for a wee or released my bowels especially if I had trapped wind, Have you also tried Windeeze tablets ?? They are really good at helping release the gas I still have issues now with the pain and bad cramping but I am taking IBS tablets too curb it and I also found Naproxen pain killers are good too it seems they relax the muscles so it may be worth asking for those and it maybe worth pushing for a blood test just too ease your mind to make sure there is no internal infection :) I hope you have a speedy recovery and if you need to talk your more than welcome to contact me on here :) Keep me posted Sending big hugs Xxx

  • Hi tired10, well i went to the doctors this morn and he says he thinks whats happend is when ive went to theatre they put a catheter in and some times when there taking it back out it damages the cells round the uterus and it causes discomfort untill the cells grow back again. so ive just to keep going with my painkillers just now. Thanxs for your reply xx

  • Someone on here gave me a really useful tip of using mint oil dissolved in some warm water. It worker very well. I know it's probably too little too late, but I found it better than IBS medicine. Hope you feel better soon. But I would not accept that catheter explanation from your GP. They are not specialists and the doc who did the op needs to take responsibility for the pain/situation, investigate and treat.

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