Just wondering how many of you suffer with premenstrual spotting, a week or a few days before your period and how typical this is as an endo sympton? Any suggestions on what effects its/how to stop it??

For quite a long time every month I would bleed, quite heavily and very like a period, for a week during ovulation. However I haven't had this at all since May but in the past few months I've had light spotting (pink/brown) either a couple of days before my period is due or during the week before its due. I know this can be an endo sympton but ive not heard much about it anywhere and annoyingly its only started since my husband and I have been TTC so as you can imagine it has been driving me slightly insane, and its now getting me down slightly. I have been trying to think positive and pretty much trying to ignore all the endo pain/symptons etc as I know it could be a long road trying to conceive but I just dont see how it would be possible to get pregnant if im spotting a lot as well as everything else!

Hayls x

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  • Spotting happens a lot with endo unfortunately. Have you noticed it happening after sex at all? I spot every time I have sex which is annoying. You also spot when you conceive, as the egg implants itself so it could be a good sign at some point. good luck ttc, sorry I have no idea how to stop it x

  • Hi

    Thanks for replying, it just seemed so odd as ive never had it before so difficult not to get my hopes up! Like you i spot after sex almost everytime and thats been going on for years which is very annoying, so I suppose I shouldnt be too surprised by this new spotting!

    Thanks x

  • I've had endometriosis since I was 20 and had two children I'm now 28 and I've been spotting about ten days after I stop my period. Its been like this the last 6 months an now I'm always in pain. It's really not nice you don't no weather your coming or going. I'm at the doctors now to try and be referred back to the gyne. I've also just found out I have pco.

  • Hi Hayls,

    I got spotting 3days ago when I was due to start my period,it was only 1day and was slight pink watery stuff but still no period. I am waiting for my 3rd period after lap and since op they have all been late. I don;t think that I am pregnant as I still find it hard to beleive I could get pregnant because I still have 3 spots still left inside me and have pain. I do beleive though that spotting is a symptom of this stupid disease that plagues us undeserving women. I does get me so down and I havn't laughed in ages. I feel so angry that I have wound up with this crap and all I want to do is just get on with my life and have the things I want in it, I guess that is too much to ask these days.

    wp22 X

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