Can someone please send me some virtual hugs and sympathy? :(

Folks, I don't know why but I am in absolute agony an in bleeding all of a sudden. Having 2nd lap Monday for cyst removal and lap/treatment for any endo they find.

I've just spent the last hour crying my eyes out in pain despite painkillers, I'm so tired of this.

Sorry to whine, but you guys are the only people who unfortunately have any idea how this feels. Hope you're all doing better than me! Urgh.

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  • Hi there

    If you have a cyst it might be that its bursting ?! i dont know, but we all been through and still going with the bad endo pain.

    I will have my 2nd lap too in less than 3 weeks and even if I'm terrified of surgery, unfortunately its the only way. I try to sleep every night with a hot pad stuck on me, I sleep no more than 4 hours in total and I'm still full time at work..hard times!

    Big hugs for you and I hope you feel better soon

    Jo xx

  • HUGE HUGE HUG from me also.

    I can understand your agony.

    Have some more patient. Monday is just in 3 days :) and time flies :) Good luck for your lap. keep us informed about how your lap went.

    Huge hugs and big kisses

    take care :) :) :)

  • Biiiiggg hot water bottle cuddles to ya. You're not alone and you will get through this. xx

  • Huge hug Hun xx

  • Huge hugs!!!!

    I use hot water bottle too, warm baths...

    I sometimes feel like I live in water !!!

    I have a cyst too and waiting for my appointment . I get bad pain from it too .

    So , I know how you feel.

    Huge hugs xxxxx

    You are not alone

  • Big hugs for you, so sorry you've been in this pain! How are things today? Thinking of you x

  • (((((((((((Hugs)))))))))))

  • Hi folks, thanks for the kind words when I needed them most, really appreciate it :)

    Cystectomy and lap tomorrow, bit nervous and all that, it must be done so let's get on with it. Will update when I can, I hope you're all doing ok xxx

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