Coming off contraceptives to get pregnant - worried about pain

I have endometriosis and am on the mirena coil and am taking a POP pill to control it. However, my partner and I have decided to start trying for a baby after Christmas so I will be coming off the coil and pill to do this. Obviously my main concern is that when I come off these, the endo will start coming back and my pain levels will rise, has anybody else been through this or have any advice? I’m also trying to decide between coming off the pill and coil now to give my body time to get them out of my system, or waiting until we’re ready to try to keep the treatments going as long as possible.

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  • I've heard that it can take up to a year for your body to return to normal and start ovulating again after taking the pill. I'd speak to your gp as if you're planning to get pregnant you will have to be careful what pain meds you take. I've heard a lot of women having laparoscopies before trying as it increases your chances. Good luck xx

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