worried about zoladex

i had a laparascopy on sep 14 and i was diagonised with stage 4 endometriosis and also i had a cyst a size of a lemon (thats wat the gynae described as) which they drained it. the gynae prescibed zoladex injecction and i have a follow up appointment in january. my questin is does anyone kno wat is discused in the follow up appointment and also am worried about having zoladex on a long term as i dont have a baby yet i would like to have one. if i decide to stop the injections will it affect me in any way. i just had my second injection but i can say for a month i havent had any severe pain only when i had my period two weeks ago.

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  • Zoladex shouldn't affect ur fertility, they also use zoladex to help ladies get preg I've been on it 3 times and my periods have returned as normal, the follow up appointment is usually to see how ur getting on post op etc xx

  • Hi there. I was on Zoladex for 6 months after a laparascopy, cyst removal and diagnosis like you. They don't normally prescribe it for more than 6 months because of bone thinning. When I was on it I didn't have any periods which was absolute bliss, only side effects were hot flushes and low libido. I was advised that the best time to get pregnant was after a laparoscopy and/or after a course of Zoladex because you're as 'clear' inside as you can be for a while, and fertility returns after about 2-3 months after Zoladex. Hope that helps.

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