E-Petition - Include endometriosis as a disability under the Disability Discrimination Act


I'm new to this site but was horrified to see how many ladies are not able to work full time because of this awful disease.

I found the someone on another Community has started an E-Petition to get Endometriosis as a disability under the Disability Discrimination Act. It closes at the beginning of November and needs a staggering 100,000 signatures to get debated so there are lots of signatures to go.


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  • Signed!

    I have also started an e-petition too The Campaign To Tighten Protocols Of Contraception

    My campaign is to get doctors to start asking questions about possible symptoms before dispensing the contreceptive pill or mirena coil as both are used to treat Endometriosis but they could also mask early symptoms


  • Hi Ladies,

    I just wanted to respond to this post by letting you where Endometriosis UK stands on the petition to make endometriosis a disability. We know how difficult living with endometriosis can be, and how much it affects your lives. We are working every day to try and help by providing support and information for all women who suffer with endometriosis, whether a little or a lot. However, we feel that classing endometriosis as a disability may have adverse effects to the many women who suffer from endometriosis.

    One of our trustees, Carol, has addressed this issue in another post by saying

    "If we fight for endo to be recognised as a disability, we are however ignoring the proportion of women whose careers and lives may be detrimentally affected because they are automatically classed as 'disabled' - yes this could go against them in interviews (because an employer could decide that they are unable, for business reasons, to make reasonable adjustments that may be needed - even if the person is not asking for these). On the other hand, if a woman with endometriosis is affected with disabling symptoms, they should be covered by the Equality Act - the Equality Commission have a very good helpline and can give advice on this. With regards to ESA (replaced disability living allowance), I am disappointed to hear from a number of women that their assessments have been very much a tick list that has not considered their symptoms and issues - I think this one is more difficult and has been affected by the current economic climate. If you are facing issues claiming ESA, I would recommend contacting your local MP and explaining your story."

    You can read her full responses by looking at this message by clicking here endometriosis-uk.healthunlo...

    Hopefully this is of some use. As I said we are working to help all women who suffer with endometriosis and believe that sometimes this may impact on some women with endo in a negative way. We would ask that you would consider signing our petition to reduce diagnosis times and improve the lives of everyone woman who suffers from this horrible condition by clicking here - epetitions.direct.gov.uk/pe...

    Thank you,

  • Signed!

    Great idea, I think Endo needs more awareness, and doctors should discuss the symptons with patients.

  • I keep sharing it on Facebook and asking my friends to sign it. The closing date is soon :(

    And it only has 1983 signatures ....boo hoo! I'm struggling to hold a full-time job and I am petrified as to what will happen in the future

  • Personally, I'd rather battle discrimination and have the recognition and assistance.

    But that's just me.

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