Pain has vanished after my last period - which was horrific?

HI Guys, strange me asking but so used to being in pain i feel slightly anxious now i havent got any?

After my last period - 1 week ago i have had no pain at all? Normally i am in constant pain, is it possible i had a cyst all these months and its now gone? The pain has been awful for 5 months now just vanished? I do not understand how this can be? I am booked in for another op becasue of the pain, do i still go ahead with the op if im not in pain?

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  • Yes still go ahead with the op, endo has its ways of suprising u, like having strange pains put of the blue to having no pain at all but it may return wen it feels like it so... My advice is make the most of it while ur pain free and still go through with the op xx

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