What can i do?

I've had 4 cycles now of agonizing pain and not pregnant, I have a follow up appointment with my gyne next month and it will be the first time i tell them that me and my partner are trying, i am a little confused as to what to say because i know that the typical answer is just keep trying 'your young' and send me away for 18 months even though i have endo and have had the lap i'm frightened that through these cycles my periods will start building the endo again, and how do we go about my partner getting his sperm tested? how soon is that aloud?

thankyou for anything responses in advance

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  • I think you have to be trying for a year before they do anything hun. It can take that long even if you have nothing wrong with you :( My best friend has just got pregnant after trying for a year so there is hope. Endo only effects fertility in 35% of women, mine didnt affect mine at all, luckily. I know i's hard to be patient but 4 months isn't really that long to be trying. Good luck xx

  • Hi,

    i know that it isn't long enough to be trying but i guess 4 months feels like 1 year to me, i know for a fact they wouldn't actively do anything yet but i just hoped there would be some advice to help the process along its one of those things that I've felt for 10+years even when i was younger i used to just have this instinct feeling i would have difficulty and now everyone (so it seems) around me is falling pregnant so i think it hit home a bit more this month than it had any other, i just don't know how to deal with being OK about it, how do you just let yourself go completely and not think about it and not let it affect working life and home life, sorry for the whinge i think its one of those over emotional months

    thankyou for answering


  • I certainly feel for you, I sometimes think the fertility side of things and all the emotional pain that goes along with it is the worst part of endo. I'd take the pain anyday if I knew for sure that I would get pregnant.

    I know the disappointment each time the dreaded period arrives and when you hear of yet another pregnancy, it can be heartbreaking. After 2 years of ttc and various treatments for endo, I've certainly learned to be patient!

    Hopefully your gynae will be sensitive to your plight and have some words of wisdom for you.

    There are some forums around about ttc and it can be useful sometimes to talk to others who are going through a similar thing, although I've found in the past these can make you more obsessive about it!

    It's all the not knowing that's the worst. Keep yourself well and I wish you luck x

  • Yeah i totally agree when you say it can make you obsessive i don't really know or understand how my body works as most women don't and i feel myself questioning lots of things such as is it possible to have bleeding/period which is just as heavy as always and be pregnant and not know, i don't think that is the case at the moment but i feel like i am shooting in the dark about everything surrounding my endo and pregnancy and hope i can get some medical advice on it all.

    when i has my lap there was no talk of some of the things i have seen on here like prostap or such like to give my body a break and start up again they just put me back onto a contraceptive pill that i had already been on in the past which didn't work for me hence why i decided to come off everything and prepare for parenthood. I really appreciate this website as there are no support groups for endo in my area.

    thank you for responding it really does mean everything when someone can take time out to speak to me x

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