update on my op

well just thought i would write a wee update on my op!! had my op on wednesday and went better than first thought!! got 2 ovaries and 2 fallopian tubes removed and adhesions cut away but my ovary was stuck to my bowel so thought that i would need a resection but good news is i didnt my gynae got it all done keyhole without any damage to the bowel which im well pleased with.Thursday and friday i was in a lot of pain but it was from the gas pains not the actual op its self and my bowel hadnt moved since tuesday but thats all sorted its self out today so im now feeling great. I got sent home the same day which was a bonus too. so heres hoping this is all going to make a big diffrence to me as i was in alot of pain from endo. my docs put me on hrt and back in 6 weeks. xx

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  • Hey Sharon, glad to hear surgery went well with no complications. I had right ovary, tube removed and had bilateral nerve ablation and adhesions removed 5 weeks ago and was like yourself felt great a couple of days afterwards. But just a wee bit of advice don't be rushing back doing things or going back to work like I did, I ended up back in hospital after 5 days. So lay back and take it easy I think the anethestic can mask things for the first week. Hope you are pain free when everything settles back down :) xx

  • Thanxs for that chibby.can i ask why you ended up back in hospital? drs havent really told me a recovery time or what i should do or shouldnt so not really sure if im doing too much xx

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