Bee Propolis for endo pain???

Hi ladies,

Has anyone tried taking this supplement for endo as it is ment to reduce inflammation and pain and also studies have shown that women with endo who do take the supplement have a higher chance of conceiving if they are trying to. i have been taking it only for a week now but i think it has helped a little so far. so just wondering if anyone else uses/used this?

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  • I have no idea what is that, but I am very interested in telling me what is all about!

    I'm about to have my 2nd lap and then I will start trying with hubby for a baby.

    Any info would be appreciated! All i know is that due to restrictions of the endo diet, it is good not to have vitamin deficiencies as the healthier the better for getting pregnant.

    I will ask my gynae after the lap what kind of supplements recommends.

    Jo x

  • This is the first I've ever heard of it too, sounds interesting and probably worth a go. Thanks for mentioning it. Would be interested to know if anyone has tried it too

  • Hi girls thanks for replying.. I bought mine from Holland and Barratt health shop after researching it online.,. Bee Propolis is a mixture that honey bees collect while they are also collecting pollen.. studies have been done on the product and it is found to be a natural powerful anti inflammatory and also Anti viral and anti bacterial.. this is all supposed to help boost the immune system which is important to us endo girls and also the anti inflammatory effect help towards stopping or at least lessen the pain we have.. There was also a study done on women with mild endo and half the patients took actual bee propolis and the other half were given a placebo instead.. out of the ones taking the Bee propolis supplement, 60% became pregnant in 9 months.. of the placebo group only 20% fell pregnant.. so i just thought maybe its worth a try :) xx

  • Very very interesting, i will definitely give it a go after my lap, thank you for the info and sorry if i was not much help in this.

    Lets hope we are going to have a baby boom in this site! lol fingers x ;)


  • Awww no problem JoJo :) Good luck with your Lap i hope it all goes well :) and i hope the Bee Propolis helps too.. im going to stick with it as it seems to be helping with pain so far so i hope it helps with having a baby too.. fingers crossed like you said lets hope for a baby boom soon lol :) xx

  • I've just checked online a product called Aptimist from Apitherapy (I'm sure there are more brands) that combines royal jelly, propolis etc, all the good bee products...

    This is interesting too, knowing how good royal jelly is and combined with propolis could give a real fertility boost! :)

    Jo x

  • Oooo that does sound good :) thanks for letting me know.. iv been drinking ginger tea this week as i read it was a good anti inflammatory and i think it has actually made a difference (unless its all in my head lol) but tonight i managed to have sex and not be in agony for a change.. so im going to keep on with the ginger tea and bee propolis and also have a look at Aptimist :) thanks very much Jo xx

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