feeling rotten

having a moan my back as been so sore since last sunday awful pains in my tummy since last thursday really dont no if i can last until friday when i see my new consultant feel like part of it is my own fault for not taking injections and getting reffered but on the other had i need to feel confidance within the consultant i got in my car thursday morning and due to back pain had to get in awkwardley and ive hurt my knee not a good week at all went to see gp with my tummy pains and theres nothing he can do told to soldier on until 19th oct this is a nightmare i feel so alone its horrible

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  • Oh hun, you're not alone. My back has been bad for about a month now so I know how you feel. I've got a back support like the one in the link below...


    Yes, I look a bit of an idiot wearing it but winter makes it easier as I can hide it underneath a jumper lol.

    Feel free to inbox me with any questions on back pain as I've been suffering for years now and have a few things I do to relieve the pain.

    Big hugs, remember you're not alone xxx

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