I spoke to my GP the other day about possibilities of other treatment

I've had a lap done last year which confirmed diagnosis and since then she seems to think I've exhausted all routes of treatments

I've had long lists of pain medication, different contraceptive pills, and now tge Prostap injection which is making it worse more than anything

Is a referral to a different hospital worth it or not? And where do I go from here?

I've basically been told there's no more treatment out there for me but I'm struggling so much

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  • Sounds like the advice I was given from my local drs. They were good enough to say that I would have limited options within their care and they referred me to Middlesborough uni hospital. I went on Tuesday and what a different experience!!! They listened to me and explained what my body was doing and then explained what my options were.

    Get a referral to a special specialist even if it means travelling for a few hours. Believe me, it will be worth it and you will feel so much better in mind and body!

  • I havent a clue where that would be...

    My doctor is only referring me to the next nearest hospital, which isn't much good either

  • Have you looked into alternative health options/the endo diet? I'm not saying it's a cure but you might get some relief with it. xx

  • Could you ask your dr to refer you to tertiary care endo specialist? My dr explained to me that GP's and our local specialists were on the primary care level and I could ask to see someone on the tertiary level of care. The guy I saw on Tuesday was much more knowledgable. I travelled for 3 hours to see him but we'll worth it.

    Shame that I wasn't aware of this set up before - I would have asked for a referral long before now!

  • I've found getting a second opinion quite a struggle until I saw a different gp. He agrees with me that they missed something in my last lap and fortunately the consultant who did it has now retired (whoop whoop) so he's refered me to the same hospital. I have my appointment on tuesday so I'll let you know if it was worth it or not!

    Hope you're having a pain free day xxx

  • Really hope Tuesday brings you some reassurance!! Fingers crossed - let me know.

    And yes I am having a pain free day today so feeling pretty good, just had a long walk on the beach seal spotting. Want more days like this one - hopefully my op will happen sooner rather than later.

    What we have to go through eh!

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