Job interview on monday, should I tell them at the interview iv got endo or not?


Iv got a job interview on monday and im not sure if i should tell them at the interview iv got endo or not. I dont want it lower my chances of getting the job as i really really want to get my life back on track its been on hold for nearly a year now and im really excited for this chance.

What shall i do?

Thanks in advance for the advice xx

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  • Hi Katrina

    Has endometriosis caused you to have many days off in the past? and are you receiving treatment that is making your days more manageable now?

    I don't think there would be any need to tell a potential employer that you have endometriosis and even if you did, it shouldn't affect your chances of them employing you. However, if you have had lots of days off work in the past because of it and they write to your previous/current employer for a reference and they say you were often off sick, at least you could justify the reason for it in advance and would be able to say that you are now receiving treatment that should prevent you from taking time off.

    Melissa x

  • Hi melissa

    Thanks for the replay.

    In my last job i had over 60 days off, that was before i was diagnosed but iv recently started prostap injections iv only had 1 injection so far i have my 2nd one on monday before my interview but this week i have noticed a difference i do feel a lot better than what i normally do.

    K xx

  • If I was in your situation I think I'd try and mention the fact I had so many days off (in case it comes back in references and your potential employer illiminates you on this basis without knowing the bigger picture) and explain it was for the same symptoms each time, had struggled getting a diagnosis and beginning treatment until recent months.

    May be best to involve it in an answer rather than using it as a separate topic. For example, if they ask the reason why you applied for the job, you could mention that in your previous employment you had time off work due to an ongoing medical condition and now that you've been given a full diagnosis and are undergoing treatment, you are now in a position to fully commit and focus on developing your career etc. as it is no longer impacting on your work......

    There shouldn't be a need to go into detail and it certainly shouldn't influence their decision, but should show your honesty about previous employments and that you've managed to turn something negative into a positive.

    Best of luck for the interview & hope the injections continue to work for you :)

    Melissa xx

  • I may be wrong but I thought you had an obligation to tell any employer of all your illnesses? It's more to do with their health and safety than judging you. Good luck, hope you get the job hun xx

  • Just a quick update i got the job!! Xx

  • That's brilliant good for you. Can I ask did you mention it or not? As I am just starting to apply for a new job and dont know what to do either!

  • Hi i didnt mention it at the interview at all but i did have to tell them when i went in to sign papers as there was a health questionare I just said iv got endo and as it wasnt diagnosed for a year it caused me loads of bother and pain which lead to a few days off in my last job and said now im recieving trearment its under control, thankfully his wifes friend has endo so i didnt have to explain it to him, he did say hes glad i told him as he will be able to support me. I spoke my old hr manager to see if the amount of days sick i took would be told to my new employer and she said they arent allowed to disclose that information any more.

    Good luck with your applications xx

  • Thanks this is really helpful it has been worrying me thanks

  • Im glad i could help you it worried me i was messaging my mates a lot who work in hr and they each said the same thing and they all work in different companies and its the law now that the amount of sick days cant be disclosed to your new employer so dont write it on any application forms if it asks you.

    Good luck with your search x

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