Finally feel like someone will help me!

New to this site but have read a few other posts and think this is a really supportive place to share our experiences and worries so here are mine:)

After a long history of problems, pre cancerous cells, cone biopsies laparoscopy and diagnosis of endo, I have finally found a place where people listen to me, give me time and offer me options about how to move forward and manage the pain.

My local nhs drs are very good but not able to offer much in the way of specialist advice so I went up to Middlesborough uni hospital this week and have come away feeling like I finally understand what is going on in my body and that they have ideas on how to help me cope with everything.

It's been 2 and a half years since my first lap and things are starting to get worse again. In fact, it's getting worse very quickly - I am taking tramadol like there is no tomorrow! After speaking at length to the team at Middlesborough I am now waiting for an appointment for a repeat lap where the specialist will cut instead of burn the endo away. I am reassured this is a more effective method and produces better results. My dr also wants to fit the mirena coil whilst I am asleep to see if this extends the time between lap's.

Only thing I am worried about is if I don't get on with the coil, will they be able to get it out of me considering I have a stenosed cervix which doesn't let anything through! I know this from when they tried to do the dye test for fertility.

Anyone out there with a stenosed cervix who has had the coil removed without being under GA?

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  • Hi

    Pleased to hear you are making progress and have found supportive Drs - from my experience there seems to be very few with a good understanding of endometriosis!

    I'd grab the offer of having the mirena coil fitted whilst asleep with both hands, most definitely! I endured an hour long appointment on Thursday having it fitted while awake and wouldn't recommend it.

    The last couple of days I've had a hard time of it and am struggling to get my head around the concept of having something like that sitting inside my womb, but have had reassuring comments on this website that things will improve so am determined to give it a chance.

    As I am planning to try starting for a family before 5 years, I asked if it was possible for the coil to be removed before the 5 year period was up and was told by numerous Drs that it's in fact easier to take out than it is to put in (thankfully!) so if you find it's not for you than you should be able to have it removed without a problem - they may even do it under GA again as you have a stenosed cervix.

    Good luck,

    Melissa x

  • Sorry to hear you had a tough time on Thursday! Have read lots of horror stories about the coil. Hopefully it will settle down over the next few days. Do you feel any different? I'm worried about mood swings and weight gain!!!

  • Yeah I do feel different but can't really explain how :-S Maybe once I've got used to the idea I'll be ok. As for the mood swings, I was told they would be under control as I suffered with them before (as hormones go direct into the uterus and not around the body like they do with HRT tablets) and I'll soon let you know if I balloon lol, think I'm comfort eating a lot lately as I'm anxious over it xx

  • I had the coil put in during a lap almost a year ago now and I can honestly say that the last year has been my best medically for the last ten years. I had been on prostap for 18 months prior to the lap and had been gradually putting on weight during that time, after switching to the coil the weight has literally dropped off! My mood swings were pretty drastic on prostap, now I get a bit teary from time to time but its nothing serious. I was really worried about the coil as I had read so many negative comments, it did take a while to settle down but now that it has I feel great. One of the big positives for me is that through years of illness, laps and prostap etc I was struggling to exercise which has always been important to me, since having the coil fitted I am fitter and faster (I run!) and I think this has been a great help both physically and mentally. I hope it works out for you but definitely give it a chance, it does feel odd at the start and for me it was also quite painful

  • Hi,

    I've had 2 mirena's fitted, one during lap and one at the gp surgery. Both had to be removed after 6 weeks. Apparently I have a tight cervix which means my body doesn't tolerate having a coil. I cramped until it was removed. Saying that I know it does work for a lot of ladies so it's worth giving it a try. Having it removed didn't hurt at all and was a relief for me. Having it put in however was a different matter, I nearly passed out! I really hope it helps you but dont be affraid to ask to have it removed at any point if it causes you pain x

  • Thanks for all your responses. Think I am just going to try it and see how I feel. I am hoping my appointment comes through soon - would be great to think that I could be pain free and energised again ready for the new year!

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