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Hi everyone. im new to the site but not to endo, ive had the bloody thing sinse i was 18. im in a happy supportive relatiosnhip, a supportive proffessionand have fabulous family and friends. ive recently had my fifth lot of gynae surgery , the endo was this time sticking my ovaries to my abdominal wall, behind bowel, on the way to my ureather m pouch of douglas, on my bladder, on my ovary falks , more agressive than last time. my consultant has cut it out and temporarily suspended my ovary to stop it re sticking . this time i just feel like my resolve is down, i struggle with my bowel a lot , i can be fine one minute then get chronic diareah the next minute , no doubt im out somewhere public, i feel so tired with the endo, and get pain as we all know, sometimes i feel fluish and have recently been told i have fybromyalgie which can be liked to endo. does any one else feel this crap so frequently? , i get good days where i feel on top of the world,then its like my body gives in again and im lethargic, achey , bloated, in pain, headaches , nausea etc. not to mention the anxiety it can cause me and obviously sometimes i feel down . i was told my hormoanes are all over and that to try an anti depressent although i didnt feel it worked and wasnt the anser. im hoping that by knowing someone else feels like this it may help. i feel like such a hypercondriact .


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  • you are far from that i feel a lot like you most days ive cried pulled my hair screamed tried building a life around it wich as you said said one minuite your up then with in hours back down its so hard i might as well move in to my gps lol ive got a new consultant first app next fri due to my old consultant being awful i was only told in june i had endo also told pregnancy would be difficult mybe impossible then my follow up was told to get pregnant or have some injections i had to ask on here what these injections was this last week the area around my ovarys has been so sore ive been vometing then its gone into my back to the point ive been struggling to get in and out of my car ive pulled my knee so once again the tears and tantrums came i just want a normal life like others its so hard hang in there xxxx

  • ah thanks sully , i text my partner today whilst he was at work telling him im desperate to sepak to someone who actually understands what i feel like . hes very good and supportive , but people around you always have that burning question, so are you feeling better now, do you feel better than yesterday and i feel obliged to say yes, when infact i could do but that same afternoon feel fluish and tired. was you diagnosed via laparoscopy? dont let them pressure you re pregnancy , it really depends on the person , i know numerous women at work with endo who concieved naturally and a number who didnt . The injections are the clomid? to stimulate your ovaries? ive had five surgerys , the endo has bullied its way around to pouch of douglas, bladder, behind rectum , near ureather , sacrel ligaments ,, stuck my ovaries to abdominal wall, peritinium , it really is quite adventurous, more than i am , i had surgery three weeks ago to seperate and suspend my ovaries. what treatment have you had so far? do you have periods of dread and medium anxiety ? alomost like a pmt , but its permenent menstural tension ? i woke up today and thought im to fed up to get up, then i though , no cheryl, join the website the consultant told you too, im glad i did.

  • ive had one lap no treatment will see with the new consultant fri my endo is deep down in the pouch of douglas thats all they have told me im in agony struggling with 5 year old twins id love another but if i can gp said the risks are higher my husband is very good also but sometimes its like he dos not understand i feel like he thinks im putting it on or making a mountain out of a mole hill if you undersatnd my gp all said to come on here im glad i did also there a lovley bunch of people

  • Yes i know what you mean, i figured people have no idea at all, my family, partner and friends are very supportive, but ive been around the not so supportivetoo, what is the gp saying is risky hun?.

  • hi sully how did you get on with the new consultant

  • pregnancy my husband is worried sick as i long for another we have twins and they were 10 week prem and my old consultant says i probably had endo whilst i was pregnant with them but ive said any pregnancy can be risky even with out endo bless him just have to wait until i see new consultant friday

  • Oh i hope it goes well for you hun, i guess weigh up the pros and cons to each decision, let me know how you get on

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