hi i need advice on Endometriosis

hi i am 24 now and from the age of 17 i started to have pain during sex. it started has a shooting pain but the longer it went on the pain was so bad i could not walk or sit, i had constant burning and bleeding. i was in the forces and they just messed me about for 5 years. i recently went to the gyno who struggled to examin me so wanted to put me sleep to do this. straight away he said i think you have endometriosis. yet when i turned up at the hospital the gyno i seen did not do this procedure and sent me away to do vanginal muscle excerise. my symtoms have worsned has i bleed after sex that is if i can bear it has its none excistance due to the pain, when on my period i bleed heavy, painful back and stomach pain, but with lower pains in my pelvic area. i also had a scan that shouwed fluid on my right side. so if any one can help me if these symtoms are similiar to those who have endometriosis. thank you x x x

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  • Hi, I had similar symptoms to yours although endometriosis wasn't confirmed until I had a laparoscopy at 17 - is this the examination you were put to sleep for?

    The muscle exercises have been suggested to me in the past as I too suffer excruciating pain during/after intercourse and have been told although the pain is clearly there, it may be more psychological as the brain has started to associate intercourse with pain and therefore make the pain worse. The specialist didn't really take this muscle exercises idea any further with me personally so I can't say if it worked for me or not - may be worth a try though?

    Have you had a mirena coil fitted to control the heavy and painful periods you are suffering with? I only had one fitted today so can't say whether it works or not yet but have been told it will control the hormone imbalance that causes endometriosis.

    Best wishes,

    Melissa xx

  • hi yes they also said it was in my head but me and my partner take it very slow when having sex. sometimes it feels ok then out of no were i feel like some has punched me or somethingthe pain is bad. when he wanted me go to sleep it was to examine me but the other gyno just told me fo the exercises. i recently went gore a smear test and this procedure could not be done at the doctors just told me get your gyno to do it.

    i just feel i am not any closer to knowing what exactly is up either me .

    thanks for your advice

    Emma x

  • Have you had an ultrasound or internal scan? I had both these scans before having a laparoscopy and it wasn't until then that it was confirmed I had endo. As your specialist and GP don't seem to be very accommodating and have only pushed for the physio, it may be worth asking for the scans to be done (if not already) and if all is ok then ask for the lap as I don't think they can give you a full diagnosis until physically looking. Even if they don't find anything it could help put your mind at ease :o)

    Be persistant, it took me years of going to the Dr continually for them to take me seriously and believe it was more than period pain. You're already half way there and have had the referral, but sounds as though you need to tell your specialist exactly what you want doing and that recommending muscle exercises alone isn't acceptable (although it shouldn't be the patient telling the Dr, sometimes it's the only way to get the outcome you need) otherwise ask to be referred elsewhere. May even be worth taking your partner or a relative with you if you're not a pushy sort of person!

    Good luck,

    Melissa x

  • Hi,

    So sorry you're having a hard time of it, it's difficult to explain the pain & the extent of it, to people who aren't suffering with it I find, do you're defo in the right place :) I agree with Melissa, you need to tell the consultant that you want scans done, it took me a year of going to my gp, 40+ appointments & 4 contraceptive changes before I found out I could demand a referral to consultant. I had a lap done in December after scans didn't show any abnormalities, that's when I was diagnosed. I'm currently going through fertility testing as a treatment method as pregnancy is meant to help. Though quite how you get pregnant when sex is so painful is beyond me. They may offer you a hormone treatment as an alternative to the coil to ease things, it didn't help me but everyone is different.

    Just be very direct, describe at length how much you are suffering & be firm about what you want, don't take no for an answer, sometimes it's the only way.

    Hope this helps

    Col x

  • hi thank you both for your advice i go.see my gyno on the 8th he is really good he put me forward to be put sleep to examined but when i got to hospital i didn't have him i had a.woman who was useless. so when i go back i am gonna request that i have him and no one else.

    thank you again.for your support just drains you when you are constantly repeating your self and they don't listen x x x

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