Trying to decide which hospital is best within your area

Q is really for Admin, Endometriosis. :-) Health Unlocked has a feature which enables you to rate the hospital you attend. It doesn't involve naming Docs or any personal comments. The Admin of the site gets to formulate the Qs and the members of the site can answer the Q and provide an overall rate for their hospital. I have recently had the need to attend hospital, with a family member, for a consult in relation to endometriosis..

Unfortunately this proved to be a really really poor experience. We are experienced hospital goers and well used to having conversations with the medics but this was a shocking experience with a Snr Doc who didn't have any personal skills or seem prepared to listen to what we were telling him. Lap is the way to go!!

It would have been great to have been able to enter our area and then view local hospitals and see how people had scored them. With this knowledge we would have given this hospital a wide berth!! If you want to see how this feature works GFG and Thyroid are two area on Health Unlocked which have this in place.

Would you consider activating this feature on this site?

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  • Spreading this Q a bit wider what are your views? Did you find it easy to decide which hospital to attend or were you just passed there by your doc?

  • Hey

    I am more than happy to be able to rate hospitals and services (with no doctors names included as it is against this site).

    Believe me all the endo ladies we have "horror" experiences with clinics and hospitals as we have dealt with staff full of arrogance, ignorance etc.

    And it is about time to have our saying and of course praise the good ones too.

    Jo x

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