First laparoscopy soon and really nervous, any advice?


I've just joined the community, sorry to be rude and asking questions straight away!

I'm 19 and been referred for a laparoscopy for suspected endometriosis. I'm being treated (pain relief, contraceptive pill, etc.) as having endo but nothing is helping, it's just getting worse :( I know I can't carry on like this, but I'm really nervous about having the procedure done and what they'll find.

Does anyone have any advice for reducing anxiety about it? Or have any experiences that can be shared?

Thanks so much :)

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  • Hi

    I had my first lap 3 months ago and I was so nervous, it was my first operation ever as well.

    So I know how you feel, but things are not so bad. I was terrified for the anaesthesia, but believe me sleeping like that is not so bad after all.

    My anaesthesiologist came few hours before in my room to talk and he gave me some very relaxing tablets, I ended up being so drowsy and happy before going into the surgery! lol

    So make sure you can talk to him before the lap, he will calm you down and ask for anxiety relief tablets, they worked really well for me.

    As for the lap, its only the first few days a bit rough and then slowly in recovery. It all depends on what they will do on that time, the more work inside, the more time to recover.

    In my case they cleaned a bit of endo, moved the ovaries in the right place, cleaned adhesions and I had an appendectomy too at the same time, so it took me 4 weeks to be ready for my holidays!!!

    All I can say is just think that you have to do it, to get it out of the way, to find out whats wrong and hopefully to be pain free and get on with your life.

    I have my second lap in less that one month (fingers crossed it will be the last one!) and yes im nervous but it is worth it to be pain free afterwards and make sure i will be able to get pregnant when i will want to have a baby.

    Jo x

  • Hi,

    I had my first laparoscopy in March and I suffer with anxiety so was very nervous about the operation. As jojo said it's a really good idea to talk to the anaesthesiologist and explain how you're feeling. Mine was so nice and he really put me at ease. Is someone going to be with you? This certainly helps take your mind off things while you're waiting. If not take some magazines, puzzle books, iPod etc.

    I know it's easy to say but please don't worry too much. I'm sure once you've recovered you'll find you're in less pain :-)

    All the best, Bec x

  • Thank you for the replies, feeling a bit less panicked now! I've had anaesthetics before, just the idea of people digging around where its so painful isn't nice! But hopefully it'll mean I won't be in so much pain afterwards so it will be worth it :)

  • Hi iv had 2 laps my first one took about 2 weeks to recover from as the surgon was rubbish and damaged my bowl so i was in hospital for a week but my most recent one was bigger than the first they removed endo and had to seperate my intestines from my falliopian tube and put them back into place, that was on the monday and on the wednesday i was driving round again the only that hurt was the left over gas that was stuck in my shoulders and that was it.

    Try and not to worry ul be fine xx

  • I had a lap in 2008. Had big cysts removed from both ovaries. They reconstructed the worst ovary and the other was not as bad. They diagnosed severe endo and cleaned up the endo and separated my ovary from my pelvic wall. I was a mess down there! They also fitted a mirena coil to control the heavy bleeding.

    After the op I just wanted to get home so as soon as I had passed water they discharged me. They kept asking if I was in pain. No I wasn't. Did I feel sick? No just hungry. I surprised them by asking for toast. Once I'd had that they sent me home within 2-3 hours.

    Big mistake! Half way through my car journey home (15 mins) the pain killers had worn off. We had to stop to buy some ibuprofen as I had been told to. By the time I got home and took them and the codeine I was in such a lot of pain. Especially sharp shoulder pain that I had been warned about from the gas being released from my stomach. ( they pump your stomach up with gas so they can get to everything) later that night I then started feeling really sick, wrenching but no actual vomiting. The wrenching caused more pain. I took more painkillers and slept it off as was still drowsy from anaesthetic. Loveliest sleep ever! :)

    So...would I have it again? YES! Sooo worth it for the lighter periods, next to no pain and a more regulated cycle. HOWEVER if i were to have another lap i'd definitely wait for my next shot of painkillers and anti nausea meds. Then I might think of heading home after the gas had left my system.

    Three years later the coil became ineffective as HRT so after 4 years I finally had it taken out. Debating on getting another one fitted or having children within the next couple of years. Some people have a bad experience with it but mine was great after the initial 3 month settling down time.

    Sorry to have gone on a bit... Just wish I'd have known what to expect when I went.

  • I had my first lap 2010 and although I was nervous I couldn't believe the difference in how I felt afterwards!! Pain was reduced and my energy levels went soaring up. A good friend said that I looked radiant and that's exactly how I felt.

    That was over 2 years ago and sadly I am back to painful days and feeling drained and tired all the time. My dr has just this week agreed to another lap and I am so excited about it!! This time they are also fitting a mirena coil. Really hoping for good results again.

    So my advice to you is to ask for calming med before the op but keep your focus on how you will feel after you have recovered. Hope radiant days find there way to you too!!

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