No endo but same old lots of pain

Ive not been here for a while, I sometimes get a bit down reading of everyone's got pain doctors are useless, anybody had this, yea we all have stories, but at the same time I think this site is fantastic support.

I had an op this year in summer, the lady on the helpline was brilliant thank God I was very nervous to have surgery I just felt I hadn't been given enough information by the consultant/ surgeon. The helpline lady suggested I request the surgeon called me, I had already requested and not heard back from her so my anxiety was sky high, I was thinking to cancel my long awaited 4th surgery. But the day before she rang me asked me to come in and see her, it was a relief which I thank God for, we walked though the surgery and our chat lasted about 1 hour, I appreciated her offering me some comfort and she regained my confidence in her.

So I went to surgery, and it was a little longer than expected by the surgeon as usually nothing is ever straightforward with me and surgery, it lasted about 5 hours not too bad.

The surgeon did a brilliant job at squeezing the air out of me after surgery which was good as this is most painful to me?

When she came to me she told she removed a tiny bit of endo, and that was all was there, most of the surgery was spent cutting away my abdominal wall from my bowel which was hour glassed in a few places which explained the crazy constipation and tummy /bowel ache I had since last surgery (which was a failure, turned from lap to open) .

So where did all the endo go, "the body claimed it back", wow a miracle from God Almighty, but why still all the pain, I thought it would improve as months passed but it's been a good 4 months now, the other week I wanted to go to A&E thinking something was seriously wrong.

Very disappointed with the GP who seems to think these new characteristics of pain are my overactive thoughts and I need to speak to someone about it, despite them saying this for years but offering me no one to speak to.

I feel as though I'm back at square one and will be left with my imaginary pains in my head until I cannot walk again, then have to go through this long drawn out painful process again.

Just wanted to get that off my mind, thought I would share, hope I did not depress anyone, I'm sure someone else on here as been though the same thing.

May Almighty God give us the cure and make us all healthy and able, ameen.

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  • I have had a similar problem, second lap and no endo. Told it was IBS and written off. I have got a second opinion from a different hospital. The pain you feel is not in your head. I waited for ages for my new consultant but it was worth it. He is investigating me with fresh eyes and I feel confident that he believes me and that he knows what he is talking about.

    I hope that you find better advice soon. Don't stick to the same people if they have no more to give. Us endo ladies are not to be given up on! And don't worry about depressing anyone. Hopefully oneday health professionals will actually look up this site and read how much we put with thier lack of understanding.

    I hope that you find out what is causing you pain soon. Take care xx

  • Hi,

    I have just read your blog and said 'snap'! After I had my endo diagnosed I have had subsequent laps and no endo seen even though I am in constant pain. It has been heart breaking to say the least but I know that endometriosis is causing my pain, however microscopic it is.

    I really hope this does not make you feel like you are imaging the pain as we all know when something does not feel right. Stay strong x

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