Changing my consultant hoping not to get my hopes up just yet though :)

Hi this is the first time ive wrote on here, i was diagnosed in jan this year but had problems for about 8years with 3 lap's. I have been on zoladex with livial 6 months, am on high dose of tramadol, stopped ampitryptalin (dnt know how its spelt) as was rubbish, i take naproxen which work a majority of the time. I have been taking herbal supplements and ive tried the endo diet which is very hard to stick to when you have no energy to actually cook. Went back to my doctors as i have just been back from pain management and all he said was "i don't know much about endo ill give you 5 mins of acupuncture" he wasnt giving me any other drugs to try, plus every time i have seen my consultant all he says is try for a baby, well i say i cant physically have a sexual relationship with my partner as i'm in that much pain, ive been back and forth in constant pain. I also one time wrote out a list of symptoms and things that was happening to one doctor and was saying to her while crying that no one is listening to me, she responded to me and said i need to go on antidepressants as if i'm not sleeping then i will be experiencing fake pain in her words. Well today at the doctors he has put me on duloxetine-gastro resistant tablets to try untill i see my new consultant on the 18th of this month so happy it is that quick and ive been able to get an appointment at a private hospital hoping and praying they give me the time of day to explain what is happening to me and that i cannot take it anymore as if it carries on i will loose my job and my partner.

Thanks i feel better now for having that rant and thinking of all of you who is going through this evil weed that is in our bodies.

Stay positive and keep fighting

Ruth :)

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  • Hi Ruth. I was also told to get pregnant, like tha will solve anything at all?! Hope you get some answers and a proper management plan with the new consultant, I'm also seeing a new one this week and keeping my fingers crossed.

  • I am sorry you feel so low. I have experienced the same problem not to be listened to . I had 5 ops nerve ablation one nodule removed .. I know how you feel . I have been on those tablets too and different ones. At the moment , I am in pain because I have a cyst . I dont take any hormone treatment anymore as too many side effects and no sex drive ...

    I have been to the pain clinic too which was a loss of time and even ended up with more pain afterwards .. The consultant did not put the needles properly...

    I try to stay positive .

    Having kids is not a solution .. They are not a remedy and I don't know why doctors keep saying that . Babies are human beings a long life responsibilities ! I have three kids because I wanted them not as a remedy like consultants suggested to me again last time despite having three already !

    Keep fighting keep hoping .

    Talk with your partner too about what you both want .

    I am sorry you are so frustrated and so low . We are not alone .

  • I too have been told by 4 different doctors that they recommend pregnancy. I think this is ridiculous advice as they don't know your personal circumstances etc. I think the doctors believe this is easiest 'treatment'.

    I work with a lady who suffered symptoms of endo throughout her pregnancy.

    It is difficult to know what options are available when we are jut being told to put up with the pain and get pregnant.

    My advise is to try and stay upbeat. I know this is hard, but if you can, have a positive attitude. This will make you feel better despite physical pain. I also try to keep myself busy and try my hardest to block the pain out (I know this is easier said than done) but life goes on.

    I was lucky and after visiting a number of GPs who told me it was just 'period pain', I found a good, helpful GP and I will only see him now. Have you tried changing GPs?

    Please message me if you need anything.

    Fleur x

  • As an endo sufferer myself with adhesions but 53 years old and menopausal I too am still getting right sided pinching pain that drives me nuts and previous laps and hysteroscopies found it but it came back unfortunately. Well it maybe the adhesions causing me this nagging horrible pain and body aches and bowel problems etc - well something hurts that's for sure. Anyway, like you I have been advised to see a specialist endo surgeon but I am terrified of a hysterectomy really terrified after a bad experience last time. Like you also, my Gp has put me on the same anti depressant recently and I tried it at low dose and it knocked me for six, made me feel sick and I spent the whole day and evening on the sofa unable to move, didn't want to eat or anything so I have stopped taking it. Did it affect you the same way? Maybe I am being a coward as that wears off but it wasn't a good feeling. I hope you get things sorted best of luck.

  • ive also got an appointment next week with a new consultant for the same reasons after my first lap in june this year was told pregnancy would be very difficult then went back 4 weeks later to see my consultants under study who told me get pregnant or i can give you some injections no name also was told just put my body in a state of menapuse i was shocked to say the least no advice on endo or anything so my gp reffered me as he has no info off my consultant its awful the way we get treated but like yourself i dont want to get my hopes up but have checked on line and he specalises in endo so mybe on on the right track this time good luck xxxx

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