How did u feel after having the mirena fitted?

So i had it fitted last thurs an experience i want to forget and im dreading having it done every 5 years!! Ive felt horrid ever since, cramping all over back is killinv me. Feel really down n sex just seems strange im constantly worried he can feel it!! First perid yesterday n im feeling the worst i ever had even before!! I havent been diagnosed yet as my consultant wants to leave a lap as last resort..... Would love to know what everyone elses experiences are. My mum said it was the best thing she did stopped her from having a full ovariohyst not for endo tho x

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  • Hi Claire,

    I have heard of the mirena really helping some ladies, unfortunately I have had horrible experiences with the mirena. I've had 2, one was inserted during a lap the other at my GP's surgery. Both times I had to have it removed after 4-5 weeks. I cramped and bled constantly until thy were removed. The first one had to be removed because I got a rare infection from it called actinomyces (not sure on the spelling) which can be quite dangerous and I was given really strong antibiotics for it. The second nearly made me pass out when they put it in. I had it removed because of the pain, once that one came out my GP told me that they don't advise women who haven't had children to have mirena's because their cervix is too tight and the body tries to reject them in a lot of cases. After you give birth your cervix stays 1cm dilated so you tolerate the coil much better. I got confused at this because I've had two children. She then told me that..... "your babies haven't ruined your cervix, it's like you've not had any!" I must admit this pleased me even though it doesn't mean anything really lol.

    If I were you I'd go see the GP, discuss whether your body is trying to reject the mirena and how long are you prepared to wait for it to "settle down". Hope my experiences have helped you not scared you :/


  • Hi Claire. I had a mirena fitted at the end of march this year. I promised myself i would give it a year to settle although was told to give it 6 months. I started getting painful cramps and lower back pain straight away this just went on and on and my periods got heavier and longer. After 4 months i was ready to give up on it!! The back pain and cramping faded away at 8 weeks, unbelievably my pmt faded at 4 months and now at 6 months in ive just had my first period with no blood loss. If it wasnt for the lump of endo im wIting to have removed i would also be pain free. Everyone reacts differently but im so pleased ive given it a go. Im having the lump removed in just over a week so looking forward to seeing what things will be like then. Hope thing improve for you x

  • Hiya i had mirena coil fitted 2 days ago is it normal 2 ave back pain and feel sick n like your going 2 faint as its making me panic a bit xx

  • Hi Claire. I had the mirena fitted following my lap to remove deep endo in my uterus 7 weeks ago. The first 6 weeks were great, the odd twinge and some spotting but nothing more. In the last week though I feel like my endo pain has returned, I presume this is endo pain as it feels just like it did before. I've made an appointment to see my GP in two weeks time for her to check the strings etc and will check whether the pelvic pain is the mirena or whether the endo has possibly returned or not all removed. I'd like to leave the mirena in as long as possible really as they say it does take a while to settle but just so sick of all the pelvic pain and bloating. Everyone's experience seem to be so different so I suppose it's a case of sticking with it as long as you can. Good luck x

  • The Mirena really is like Marmite, you either love it or hate it. But you have to give it time to settle down, and if you can appreciate that it's going to be problematic for a few weeks before that happens it'll make things easier. That's why it says on the leaflet to go back for a check up in 6 weeks; from a physical point of view, that's at least how long it takes. Your womb doesn't take kindly to having a foreign object inside it and its natural reaction is to try and get rid of it, hence the cramping and pain. It's crap, but it's normal.

    That being said - and I am going to sound incredibly smug now! - I had mine changed on Thursday - my gynae did it under a local anaesthetic because I've not had children. I had a "bloody hell!" moment when she whipped the old one out without warning me, but apart from that it was only as painful as you'd expect it to be when you're having your cervix opened unnaturally. The journey home was not nice but as it was the second coil I'd come prepared with a hot water bottle, and Thursday night and yesterday were crampy days and I'm still bleeding quite a bit but on the whole, and certainly compared to endo pain, it's not bad at all.

    If this coil performs as well as the last one I'll be thrilled. I went from flooding for nearly three weeks out of four to a tiny amount of pink spotting. Also, while I was there she did a smear and a biopsy, so a productive afternoon out! LOL!

    Seriously - I hope things settle down for you soon. Your man is very brave if you're having sex already; those strings are apparently quite spiky at first!

    C xxx

  • Hiya, I had the mirena fitted in april this year under general anaesthetic. I have not yet had a diagnosis either. I was told the pain would die down, but i bled constantly and had contractions daily to the point that i couldn't stand for more than 2 minutes at a time, and when i was sat down it felt like it was pinching the whole time. I was planning to give it a 6 month trial, but I lasted 3 months and then begged my GP to remove it. Now on cerazette and generally a lot better!! The bleeding has stopped and the horrible feelings i had with the mirena in, disappeared the second it was removed, my GP could actually see me relax.

    I know of a few people who vow by the mirena as the best thing they ever chose, but for me it was a horrible experience. Everyone is different, but listen to your body, if it doesn't feel right, get it out!! Take care x

  • Hi

    I had the mirena fitted today and, like you, it was an experience I would much rather forget as it was horrific!

    After reading everyone's bad experiences and my own initial experience, not sure it will be for me either but am hoping it will bring my endo under control.

    Seems strange you haven't had a laparoscopy though as I thought this was the only way a definite diagnosis can be given?

    Best wishes,

    Melissa xx

  • ive been told after a MRI that I had endo my on insisted on the mirena but I'm scared 26 ye old no kids :-(

  • I had a merina fitted this morning at gp surgery I have only had c section so was advised to take painkillers before fitting. Fittting was pain free just felt like routine smear. No cramps or anything afterwards :)

  • I refused to have the coil until they diagnosed me, I had mine put in during laparoscopy and it took months to settle down how ever it's been worth the wait and works well fir me, I hope things settle down for you. I havnt had kids but mirena was recommended to help with endometriosis

  • I had the mirena fitted yesterday morning and almost fainted straight after was so horrible. I'd advise kids first before it haha. I'm still in agony even now which is more than 24 hrs since fitting and feel absolutely horrible :( hurts to walk etc.

  • I had the mirena fitted 2 days ago after being advised to come off the depo injection as id been on it on and off for 9 years. Not a very nice experience of fitting at all. Near passed out and threw up after it and had to get my mum to drive me home. That day and yesterday was quite bad pain wise so I just took 400mg ibuprofen for swelling and co-codamol for pain. But today seems to have calmed down alot. Just getting cramps when I stand up straight and the muscles stretch. Had a small amount of bleeding and was advised not to use tampons yet just pads but im not bleeding out just literally blood on tissue when wiping. I have noticed that I feel really bloated and have had ALOT of wind since being fitted. Was wondering if anyone else had this?

  • I had mine fitted 2 days ago and I'm feeling exactly this - bloated and wind. I think it is to do with the uterus being swollen. I had a ERPC last year after a missed miscarriage and afterwards felt like this too and was told it was due to uterine swelling. Although Im not bleeding. How is it for you now?

  • hi i had the mirena fitted 4 weeks ago it made me feel like i was going to pass out n so painfull for a week afterwards ,i then got my period on the due date and its not stopped really its been 2 weeks now and im so sore still inside would rather just have a normal period than this im,I have also had 2 kids 24 years ago but its still so sore im going to see my GP to get it removed

  • Hi everyone i had coil fitted yesterday was painful had cramps but not much bleeding, im worried today i no its a strange thing to ask but is it meant to feel strange i no i got to get used to it, i feel like i need to go to toilet all time, advice please

  • Hi Louise

    I felt a bit strange to start with but that will pass. Do you think you have a urine infection? Are you in pain when you pass urine?

  • I decided not to have mine at the same time as my lap I wanted to look at my options. I know so,e friends without endo that have the coil and they all said it was great with one saying terrible ! I'm having one fitted in a few weeks hopefully it will be ok but everyone seems to either really like it or have terrible experiences x

  • I've just had the mirena fitted last Wednesday 5 days ago. I was offered during my lap but I was scared because of reviews so I declined. This however meant having it done at the gps. As others have said it is not an experience I want to remember I haven't git kids and even though I was on day two of my period which is supposed to help it was agony. But it's in now I had bad cramping for two days and bleed heavily the day it was placed however my period stopped the next day. My periods normally last 6 days minimum however this may also be due to the fact it was my first period post zoladex treatment (8months) and post lap 7 weeks. The last few days seem to be ok I'm very aware of it it's almost like I can feel it in my womb but I think that's psychological. I'm hoping I'm one of the lucky ones and its settling quick and will help manage my pain so I'll see how the next few months go. Id say don't be put off like I was especially if it's offered to be done during lap as I would have far preferred to be asleep when it was put in. But every women is different and what works for one may not for another but surely everything is worth a try to get relief from this horrid disease. And it's easily removed if you don't get on with it. Remember unfortunately those who have good experiences are much less likely to post than those who've had bad ones. Good luck whatever you decide xx

  • I had a mirena coil fitted on Wednesday to help with my endometriosis heavy periods & bloating I feel awful I'm 46 the pain is unbearable I'm bleeding can't stand up taking heavy medication nothing seems to be helping but I so want to give it a go because I had no life b4 because of my endometriosis n bloating will this continue? ? The pain cramps ,bleeding I have children all natural births & I also had a camera done & biopsy the same time as having the coil fitted any kind of help would be great ty

  • Hi, I had the mirena fitted almost 2 years ago, for the first month it was really bad and I couldn't move because of the pain to start with. Some people have had really bad experiences with the mirena but after about 6 months (I know it's a long time sorry!) my periods started to get lighter and DEFINITELY less painful but I still was in pain so I had it combined with femodene and then some of my periods were even painless. Now I don't know what I'd do without it haha :) hope this helps x

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