Total hysterectomy, 3lb fibroid and 20week uterus all removed!

I had my total abdominal hysterectomy on the 24th Sept. It all went very well which I am most pleased about. I went down at 9am and back on the ward by 1pm. There must have been about 5 surgeons etc looking after me. There was a bowel expert in with me as my womb was stuck to the back part of the bowel. I was a bit ill afterwards with sickness but apart from that I was fine. My Consultant said the fibroid was very large 3lb and so was the uterus - no wonder I was in pain. I have a vertical scar about 6 inches long from the belly button :( I have no stiches either. I came home the Friday as I felt fit and well. The Hospital were very good and they did look after me.

I feel a whole lot better :) It's the best decision I have made considering I have been suffering from endo for 5 years! There is only such much you can take. I know time will tell. I'm due back to see my Consultant in a few weeks to see if I need HRT or not but he thinks that my ovaries were probably not working anyway due to the amount of endo and a large cyst which was full of blood.

I do have days where I cry for no reason and I feel down. You have to recover on two levels really mentally and physically! Thanks for reading this. xx

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  • Hi, hope your recovery is speedy. I'm thinking about having hysterectomy but unsure at the mo. would love to hear how your recovery went and if you feel like it has made a big difference to your life.

    Take care xxxxx

  • It took me about 4years to decide whether to have the op. I was rushed into hospital in May as I hadn't stopped bleeding for 8 weeks and I was in considerable pain with endo. After a lengthy chat with my consultant who was absolutely brilliant we decided that the best thing for me would be to have a total hysterectomy. He assured me that he will have the best team there as my womb was stuck to my uterus amongst other things! I was in hospital for 5 days. Today is the 12th day post op and I feel great. I have no pain, I can walk about no problems at all. Obviously I have had the odd day I feel tired, drained and I will cry!! but on the whole I'm very well. I think the pain I had before was far worse and I have coped with that so this is nothing compared to that pain. I suppose only time will tell now and I will let you know how I get on :)Good luck with your decision it's not easy I know. I would have loved to have more children. I have the one and he is now 10 years and that's enough for me. I am 42 years. Do you have children? How old are you if you don't mind me asking? It's a decision for you :) Love to hear from you Wendy xx

  • Hi Wendy,

    I'm a very young looking 34 year old!!! Ha! I have an 11 yr old daughter ( 12 in November)

    I have got stage 4 endo?? have had 2 laps to help to improve pain and fertility. My consultant seemed very positive about me being able to conceive in about 6 mths time. The only problems is that I'm always bleeding! (Really heavey!) then spotting for another week after. Only taking naproxen for pain and tranexamic acid for bleeding. Getting really fed up with bring in pain all the time. I've also started getting covered in mouth ulcers when I'm on my period so can't eat and drink much. I have been in constant pain for 9 yrs now and that's why I've been thinking about hysterectomy! Such s big decision to make, I'm really confused with what to do!! Would be lovely to keep in touch.

    Simo xxx

  • Hi :)

    I wasn't sure what stage my endo was but I was told it was severe. I was in constant pain and had heavy bleeding. I was taking norethiserone which did the trick it did actually stop the bleeding but obviously not the pain. I was taking paracetamol and ibuprofen together every day for months. You are still young. I am 42 years and have one child who is 10 and it was a miracle I managed to conceive. I would have loved to have more but it wasn't and certainly isn't now an option for me. I came to the end of all treatments and was totally fed up with being in pain, horrendous swelling in my stomach, wanting to stay in bed all the time :( I came to the decision that enough was enough and had a total hysterectomy. You need to speak to your GP or your gynae as you need to get your bleeding under control first. Having a hysterectomy is the last resort and it has to be right for you and not just a knee jerk reaction as you're only 34 and have time to have another child. Think about your options and have a good chat with your GP :) xx

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