An update :(

Hi Ladies.

Well...nothing much has changed. STILL waiting on a gynae appointment and I was referred on the 1st Aug!! I think its ridiculous but theres nothing I can do about it. I went back to the doctor at the start of the week and all he said was they received the referral and they have a period of 3 months of waiting and then he gave me more naproxen. HELLO im 22, im tired, im sore, im emotional, each day im in pain, my period is mainly clots and its really painful and some other stuff thats tmi! lol I phoned a private place and its £160 for an appointment let a lone a lap if I needed one. I am so sick of this waiting. I have an assessment due for the 16th oct, another for the 7th nov and a 3000 word report due for the 17th nov! How am I meant to do all this while being so exhausted and feel that nobody understands and that the NHS are just useless and feeling like they dont believe me??

Today is 1st day of my so called period and I can just walk up and down stairs and stand up, my thighs are sooooo sore. I woke up and I couldnt get out of bed for ages cause it was too painful. My pelvis is agony and so is my lower back but everyone here is like aww its just your period pains, stop moaning. AhHHHH!!!!

Sorry for the rant :(

Rach xxx

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  • Hi Rach,

    We've all been there and know how difficult this is - my symptoms started at 14 and I was diagnosed at 22, so I understand how it feels to be fobbed off and waiting for answers.

    Try not to get too upset about it, as it will make things worse - try to be positive that you're on the right path, and that you should hopefully have some answers soon.

    However, I do think you should go back to your gp and ask for better pain relief, which will help you cope much better until you get an appointment.

    Also, if you pick a gynae who does private and NHS work, you could pay for a private appointment and ask if they can refer you to their NHS list. Not all of them will, so it's worth having a frank discussion with their secretary before booking but I did this after I was diagnosed and I know lot of other ladies who have done the same.

    Take care of yourself - be honest with your uni and ask for extensions if you need them.

  • Hello.

    I know how you feel! I had symptoms from 14 and was diagnosed this year (im now 24)after many visits to the Doctors who kept telling me it was period pain. Luckily I found a GP who actually listened.

    However, I had a lap and hysteroscopy in July and have felt worse since. The consultant said I had to either 'grin and bear it, get pregnant or have the injection to bring on menopause. I've recently had 2 further ultrasounds - 1 abdominal and 1 to check my kidneys. I've found lack of communication and caring from my consultant and nothing seems to being passed on to my GP. The lack of medical knowledge of endometriosis is a huge problem.

    I too have days where it is difficult to get out of bed and struggle to stand up without crying. I have a full time stressful job and am supposed to be taking professional exams in November and its the last thing on my mind.

    My advice is to make a nuisance of yourself to your GP and the Hospital. Also, I would say a positive attitude helps. I found the symptoms made me feel depressed and still does at times, but life goes on. I found forcing myself to beupbeat and happy actually helps and is a good coping mechanism. It is hard to get other people to understand what you're going through.

    If you have any questions, feel free to message me. I hope things improve for you shortly.

    Fleur x


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