I have a date Woo hoo!!

Have finally got a date for my second lap, 23rd October. Really pleased but also very apprehensive, worried a) that they won't find endo (which is good on one side but then it doesnt explain my pain) b) that they find it, treat it and then it comes back 3 months later. c) they find something worse. Also nervous about anaesthetic as knocked me about last time.

I have managed to get back to work this week, and have only taken tramadol as felt too awful on everything else. Nervous also about getting period as haven't had one for over 12 months. Be glad when op is done and hopefully get a diagnosis one way or other. 4 years is a long time to be dealing with this.

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  • Good luck hope all goes well, lets hope for some answers for you xxx

  • Hi,

    Reading your message, I just wonder if you have adenomyosis. If they do not find endo - don't be suprised. Ask to be screened for adenomyosis. The condition is related to endo, is incredibly painful aside from all the other horrible symptoms. You can learn more about the condition from adenomyosisadviceassociatio... and how to ask to be screened for it.

    I completely understand about the anesthetic, I am allergic to morphine and all of its generic family drug members, so before I had my hyst I made sure that I did not have gas and air and all the other nasties. Speak to the anesthetist and make his team aware, and explain that you have a bad reaction to the anesthetic. In may case they gave me a pre-med and just oxygen and I felt a million times better than previously!

    Take care,

    Danielle Wright

    Founder - Adenomyosis Advice Association

  • Thank you Danielle. Have seen adenomyosis mentioned before on here but don't know much about it. Will check out website.

    Liz Xx

  • Good luck, and I totally understand your worries - I felt the same before my lap xx

  • Hi Livibean,

    I am having my second lap the day before you, am in exactly the same boat as you and will definitely be think of you :) I hope you get some answers soon, today for me is a total write off, am in agony and nothing's helping. Sending huge hugs xx

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