Im a bit confused about all of this and have lots of questions!

Hi - This is my first question on here. I have been suffering with endometriosis type symptoms for a long time (years) and have had one set of prostap injections which helped. I was discharged yesterday from hospital after a five day stay and they have found a 9cm x 7cm x 5cm endometrioma cyst on my left ovary, which was going to be removed in the hospital in an emergency surgery. They later changed their mind and I got discharged with pain relief, started a new set of prostap injections and a follow up appointment in 6 weeks. I have read on here about lots of people having a laproscopy to have the endometriosis and cysts taken away but I have never been offered this. The thinking is that I might have PCOS aswell - ive been told that I clinically look like someone with PCOS, despite having a normal hormone profile.

The main question - is it worth having a laporotomy and has it helped with the pain and symptoms. I feel like im being fobbed off in a way. It would make complete sence to me to remove a cyst that large, which is causing me so much pain, has anyone else been advised against surgery (or had the decision postponed?) and what was the reasoning behind this?

Thankyou for any responses in advance!!

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  • Hi angel,

    I'm assuming they are still planning to take the cyst out? If you really want a laparoscopy then I would go back to your gp and ask to be refered to the gynea consultant at the hospital. prostrap is supposed to shrink any endo/cysts so they may well just be trying that for you before doing the op. It took me 3 years of being in agony before they even referred me to the gynea team :( It's appalling how they treat us ladies and I hate to say it but you really have to push if you want a lap hun, good luck xxx

  • Hi Angel

    When you said you look like someone who has pcos can you say why? I was told I had pcos but after my lap they discovered Endo and the cysts that had shown up on the scan were no longer there. My friend was told she had suspected Endo but after a scan they found a cyst a similar size to yours. She had it removed by a lap and couldn't believe what a difference it made. She felt so much better and I could see she looked amazing once it was removed. My GP has worked in gyn wards before and when I told her what they discovered after my lap she said straight away you need to get that out of you and I would say exactly the same. Don't be fobbed off by the hospital you don't want anything in your body that shouldn't be there. Sometimes hospitals worry about their budgets more than anything else and if they can put something off they will. I am so relieved that I had my endo removed I know it will grow back but for now it feels good.

    Good luck.


    P.s sorry just remembered they made my friends lap a priority and was in hospital within 4 weeks which is amazing when you consider I had to wait 6 months to have my lap.

  • They said clinically i look like someone with PCOS because pretty much all of my weight is round my middle and i have hair on my chin and stomach.

    It feels like im carrying some thing around in my stomach - its very heavy feeling and the pain sometimes is horrific where it comes in waves and I cant breathe. I am very scared about having any kind of operation, but at the same time no idea why I have to wait so long. I was in hospital and on surgeons list to go to theatre then the plan just got changed and they never explained why. Maybe they are trying to shrink things first.

  • Hi Angel

    Obviously the doctors know much more than I do but my friend was fobbed off so many times she was told she was going through early menopause she was asked to take a pregnancy test. She complained about her treatment and finally got a lap. She also had gained lots of weight and couldn't lose it no matter what she did. Once the cyst was removed hey presto the weight dropped off her. My sister in law has pcos and was told some years ago and tests to confirm it and doesn't have any of the signs apart from difficulty falling pregnant but now she has a daughter too so I would try everything until I got properly diagnosed and then you know what your up against.

    Good luck


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