Endometriosis Diet & Nutrition Support Group

Having had a total hysterectomy, back in April, due to severe Endometriosis I am absolutely terrified that the Endo will return. Prior to my op I suffered from the most extreme fatigue and daily pain.

I'm trying to be positive, am following (mostly) the recipes from the Endometriosis Diet by Carolyn Levatt and am trying to increase exercise.

I have also set up a Facebook Group; Endometriosis Diet & Nutition Support Group. There are over a 100 members now, we share tips, recipes and knowledge. Do come and join us!


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  • Hi I just sent a request for the group in facebook :)

  • Fab ...

  • Fantastic, just send a request to join. I think nutrition and natural remedies are the way to gain control of this horrible illness. Repeated hormone injections and surgery really worry me. Hope you're healing well from your op x

  • i have send the request to facebook :)

  • Brilliant ladies...all added xx

  • Hi

    I can't join via my computer (work firewall has got me) so am trying through my Blackberry but can't find you.


  • Hi i've just sent a request to join :)

  • Hi, just picked this up! I've added you...xx

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