Worried about heavy bleeding :(

Going to try and get an appointment today to see a doctor about heavey bleeding. Had my second lap for stage 4 endo 4 mths ago but still bleeding for three wks at a time having a week off then back on again. When I go to the loo the blood just gushes out then that's when I'm able to urinate( sorry lots of detail!) getting worried because of the amount of blood! Anyone going through the same thing???

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  • Hi

    Sorry to hear that you are suffering so much. Are you in any hormone treatment at the moment?

    I had a really crazy heavy period when I stopped progesterone pills, it was quite out of control but it eventually stopped.

    Try to push for an appointment with your doctor as soon as possible, he might give you some hormones to stop your bleeding.

    Good luck :)

    Jo x

  • Hey Jo, not on any hormone treatment. I've only got naproxen for pain but they don't seem to be doing much! My consultant is hoping I will get pregnant over the next 6ths but really don't think there is any chance of that happening! Don't think I can take much more of being in pain and kinda feel like getting it all whipped out! Had three mths off work after last lap, been back to work for 1mth and I'm having to take more time off cos of pain and heavy bleeding!! Just feels like I'm getting no where fast! I guess this is the case for all the women on here. (Sorry going on a rant!) will let you know how I get on at the doctors. Thanks for your reply. Xx

  • If you go see your gp they could give you norethisterone to stop the bleeding. I'd be worried about becoming anemic if I was bleeding that much, good luck hun, hope i settles down soonx

  • Been to see the doctor, blood tests done and he gave me tranexamic acid. X

  • Hi miss steal, don't think the doctor prescribed norethisterone because I suffered with allergies a few years ago. Trying to get an appointment with my endo consultant. Thanks for the reply. X

  • Hi I am suffering the same :-(. I had my stage 4 Endo op in February and had my first period in May. It's been awful, the period is painful and last up to 3/4 weeks. It was not spotting this was a continuous bleed. I had my follow apt in June and I was told its normal and I need to let my body recover. Basically my body is flushing out my system. During the op I was pumped with 1.5 litres of medication to stop the blood clotting. My consultant explained this is all very normal. It doesn't feel normal but I went along with his advise. I'm now on 4th period and it's my 10th day! Still in pain and clotted period coming out ( sorry for being detailed). My back is killing me and legs are like jelly. I take Tramodol which is a horrible drug. It will take the pain away but it leaves me haulicinating, dizzy, nauseous and very weak. I was told not take anymore hormone tablets as I have had plenty of prostrap. I am anemic from the loss of blood. I take vitimin B tablets but dont think they help as such but please do take magenesium tablets which really help with fatigue. These supplements from holland &barrat really give me enough energy to get me through a day. I rely on them since my op and they have helped. I I totally understand your pain and frustration but please don think your alone. Bug the doctor if you know your don't feel right. At the end of the day it's your body and nobody else's. I hope your get referred straightaway, sending you positive energy, hope your pain and bleeding eases in time.

  • Hi sweetsk, thanks for your reply. Managed to set my appointment with consultant brought forward to November! Bleeding has calmed down with taking tranexamic acid but I'm still not feeling well. I'm covered in mouth ulcers all under my toung and my lips are dry a swollen! Finding it difficult to eat??can't wait till I feel better, gonna eat a big fat cake!!!! X

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