Feeling awful

I had my sixth lap (in two years) for endo about two months ago, I have since started the endo diet and had been feeling fantastic. But the pain is slowly increasing by the day again now and I constantly feel sick. I'm starting to get a bit down now despite promising myself I wouldn't. I've recently finished my law degree and have been searching for work n a legal environment but no one will take me because of my medical history. I've considered not disclosing the information but feel that it would be unfair to keep it a secret. I'm at the end of my rope now all I want to do is work and try to have a normal life but it is slowly seeming impossible.

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  • Well done you for finishing your degree...i have not been able to do that because of the endo. i know its hard and frustrating. as far as working i never let them know about it because it has been held against me even though they claim they cant do that it is done. i know it does not seem fair but sometimes we have to tell a little white lie to get things done. dont get down on yourself you have done amazing and its just taking a bit to find a job but i am sure something will come along :) think of it as you are waiting for the right job to open up and that job will have understanding compassionate bosses....maybe one of the other jobs wouldnt have had that. have you spoken to your gp about feeling sick? i have amazing pills i take at the first sign of nausea and they take it away within 15 min. ginger is also very good for this...

    i wish you all the best and keep your chin up. we are here

    feel good



  • aww don't feel awful hun, like Heather said you have done an awesome job finishing your degree and having had 6 laps amongst all that its amazing.

    I agree with Heather on the job too the right one will come along and maybe not tell them too much I don't think they really have to know everything do they ?

    I have been a hairdresser since I was 15 I'm now 30 and have recently had to give it up I went from a full time very busy job to 2 days and over the yrs have got worse and I just can't be on my feet all day :(

    These last 3 months of being un employed have been horrible so i'm going to try and find a job that I can maybe at least sit down doing or something I don't know, I know what you mean about wanting a normal life tho and its hard because also from the outside you look very normal and no one knows anyway I'm trying not to be negative anymore I'm so done with it.

    Positive hugs you have done so well so far :D

    Kate xx

  • Surely they cannot discriminate against you on health grounds seems shockingly unfair really if I was potential employer I'd be inspired by your tenacity keep going has anyone actually said we can't take you because you have health issues Hun x because if they have then employment law is really strong on that point everyone deserves a chance good luck x

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