Link between Coeliac Disease and Endometriosis

We have posted re the research linking Coeliac Disease and Endometriosis on our page. It would be interesting if any of you with experience of both conditions would join the conversation and share your experience.

Here's the post link:

We have also posted a link to the Endometriosis HU on our page to let our fans know to have a look here for further info.

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  • How strange I have 2 cousins with coeliac disease and I have Endo. Interesting stuff.

  • I am currently awaiting the results of the tests to see if I have coeliac disease (I only had the blood test done on Friday) - I have previously tested negative so may well do so again but the GP thinks that there's a link possibly with my endo affecting my bowels (the endo was found when a surgeon took my appendix out). I also have Sjogens and Hughes Syndromes (autoimmune diseases) so my IBS-type symptoms may be related to those. I have just started on a gluten-free diet to see if avoiding gluten makes a difference (after having the blood test done!).

  • Im very interested to know more about possible links.

    I need to book in for my blood test this week, and now reading this highlights to me so much more why i should do this.

    Ive had bowel problems for a number of years now, IBS, IBD and inflamation of the colon to name a few of the things that have been mentioned to me.

    If anyone has any further links or reading material, would be very grateful if you could share

  • hi , i have terrible bowel problems and have had endometriosis sinse the age of 18 and im now 33 . ive had various surgeries to remove what endo keeps taking over , but my bowel symptoms have worsened . i get diareah for no reason, i could be out with a friend having a chat over a cofee and suddonly everything turns to water . I get bowel pains here there and every where , kind of mild niddely cramps , i have nausea, then i go back to normal stool passing , then hard to pass stools , i was diagnosed with ibs around about the same time , as i was having lazer treatment and in surgery my bowel was in spasm . i have been treated with various bowel medications with no improvement , in fact , the only one that helped a bit was amitryptaline as it sends a message from the brain to stop a bowel spasm, but ... it doesnt work anymore and wont stop this spontanious watery diareah and pain . ive just had surgery on the endo three weeks ago again but feel tormented by my bowel . ive just considered the possibility that it may be coeliac as i had an episode yesterday for no reason , and on back tracking reaslised id eaten pasta and bread the day before . when i last had an episode like that id eaten bread for picnics, chinese sweet and sour chicken , and lasagne, all of which my partner ate too. but i got ill , imediate diareah , and vommitting. then less than a month later i was just as ill, then again weeks after , only this time they found a campylobacter infection and my diareha was blood . ive sinse had it again yesterday and like i say had quite an amount of gluten and wheat so i feel suspicious . in the past i think 2006 i have had an endoscopy and a biopsie taken for coeliac, and prior to that in 2004. to np avail. i have not had a blood test as far as i know and my symptoms have worsened. i last had a colonoscopy two years ago. i seem to have small bouts of it then a huge big attack. ive sent off for a home testing kit for coeliac and hope it sheds some light as i feel so out of control with it and anxious about activities. if its not the endo its the battle with this . i have been told i have fybromialgia, i ean how many things wrong can a person have . i also feel like my bosses are frustrated there is no improvement and feel sightly worried to be honest as i know when i go back to work my symptoms will continue . sxurgery is like a sticky plaster with savlon, heals it for a while , the endo anyhow.

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