Want to get pregnant and panicking it will never happen

I Had my lap 8 wks ago to remove endo from pouch of douglas area etc and he removed some scar tissue. I have had 2 periods since, I didn't track my ovulation last month and didn't conceive but this month I am tracking it and I am hopefully coming up to 'ovulation time' in a few days. Trouble is I am so scared it won;t ever happen because of the endo. I have been really panicking and been getting so upset and waking up at night worrying. I know people will say try and stay calm, which I am trying my best to do but I just can't imagine ever getting pregnant with this stuff. I know people to but all I want is my happy ending. I have been to hell and back. Does anyone believe in mind over matter?

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  • Hey i no u said ur trying but its important not to stress out to much as stress can make ur pains worse, i must admit i hate it wen people say its mind over matter wen it dam well isn't as easy as they think but dont ever think it wont happen to u, there is always hope! There have been many many ladies with severe endo where it practically imposible to concieve but they had their mirracle babies, honestly it will happen wen the time is right, how old r u? Xx

  • Hi, having been told previously that I would never be able to conceive as the scarring was so bad and one side doesn't work at all, I am now pregnant with my second child! I have had one late miscarriage but still with one lovely boy and baby no 2 on the way, please take some hope from us. Ovulation timing for me was all over the place and I was not able to track mine so if you are having difficulty keeping tabs on it I would recommend staying positive, having a lot of sex and try not to put too much pressure on yourself, as that can often delay pregnancy. Good luck

  • I am nearly 35. I have a dd who is coming up to be a teenager. When I conceived her it was in the June. Somehow I knew I would conceive in the June, I remember telling her father, (he left me pregnant after planning her) I will get pregnant in June. We started trying in the May and the next month after I was pregnant. I am trying to be positive and think to myselft it WILL happen but I didn't have endo back then or any health problems, not that I have any now except for the endo and most of it has been cut out. I really want a baby now and back then when ttc I really wanted one too. But theres still a but.

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  • Aww i no its hard are u ttc now? Ive always heard that having a op gives u a better chance of concieving too so if u r stop worrying and keep trying :) do u have facebook at all? Xx

  • Try not to stress yourself out with what if - that's even more likely to stop pregnancy!

    Your best shot is in the 6-12 months after a lap and removal of endo, and remember that less than half of endo sufferers have problems conceiving.

    Do whatever you can to relax and be happy :)

  • Do not worry, stressing about it is more likely to affect it than the endo is. I got pregnant both times very quickly before I even knew I had endo. Endo only affects about 30% of womens fertility!! Endo on its own doesnt normally make you infertile! xx

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