Clots ,does anyone suffer with this??


Awaiting my next gynae appt only suspected I have endo after having a 6cm cyst, lady yr. Didn't think it could be as l'm 44 so older and I didn't have probs conceiving as I have 4 children. Anyway have left sided pelvic pain, terrible backache and pain during intercourse.

After sitting for a while I struggle to get up and walking due to the pain and get woken up at night with pain in my hip and legs. Hope I get offered a lap but still not 100% if everything points to endo. My periods are now very heavy esp my 3rd day but ad time goes on I am having more and more large clots during my period. Sorry to be graphic but I go to the toilet am no sooner out of the bathroom and I feel very wet and like I have just passed something,so bk I go and wipe myself to find a clot that would fit over 2 tablespoons. Does anyone else suffer with this, is it just my age or is it a typical symptom of endo.

Really appreciate any advice/answers before my hosp visit.

Thank you for reading x

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  • Ur symptoms sound just like many of us unfortunately clots is all part of having Endo but passin them that big is a bit worrying maybe a trip to the Drs xx

  • I have endo and adynomiosis.. i get leg and thigh pain back pain pelvic and stomach pain also bad periods with sickness and diarrhoea i also lose alot of clots and become very anaemic

    i had surgery 2 years ago to pop a 6cm cyst and at that point they found endo on my bowl....

    i am on northistrone and have been for a year i havent had a period in a year just slight spotting this drug does help but there are side effect.

    i am 25 had to surgery in 2 years and only know i have had this for 2 year.

    i hope this helps you regards lisa

  • Thank you for your advice, thankfully things are settling down at the moment. Seem to have a couple of months that are not too bad then a few months of being in pain everyday ESP in my pelvis then I get a really bad period and that settles it down a bit. Does that seem to go with endo? Lisa-Ann I have taken northistrone once before to delay a period for a holiday but that was just about 5 days. What are the side affects? Struggling with my weight just rejoined slimmimg world hoping to lose a few stone as I need to but also to make any surgery I might have to have easier. I suppose like many as I am not in agony n bleeding is stopping I think oh well I'm not that bad wont trouble the dr.......until the pain comes bk with more intensity, then I wish I had gone. Trouble is you can't have many tests during your period and feel too bad to sit around either at the drs or hospital.

    Thanks again both of you for taking the time to reply. Gynae apt is 11th Oct so not too long to wait.

  • I was 8 and half stone now im 9 stone.

    I have spots on my face.

    Water retenstion.


    Belly achs

    Spotting time to time.

    But i am 25 and i have just found out i have high cholesterol of 10,2 which i now have to go on tablets for i have been reading that northistone can make this worse.p.s i am a very healthy eater.

    I also have a under active thyroid.

    Hope this helps...

    I stoped these tablets 4... blood tests i needed about 6 months ago i was in so much pain i cud only manage being of them for 3 days... i got sicknees diareah. And cud not walk much due to pain and pasing so many clots

  • Currently I am getting loads and loads of tiny clots (grain of rice size) with a couple of bigger ones per day (about size and shape of a big slug)! Nothing as big as 2 tablespoons though. Sometimes they are fleshy rather than bloody.

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