Is it bad that I really want one of these?

I found this website when searching for a cushion for a lady on here. I was browsing through and found this.....It's amazing and I wish they didn't look so stupid. I already have to wear a back brace sometimes. Imagine the sight of me wearing both! Suppose it'd be one way of lowering my bf's libido! is the best medicine, or so I've heard :D xxx

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  • Lol having that cushion at my work, omg and the office is full of guys, no it wont go down well! lol :D

    I'm surprised something so simple though (and ugly, like toilet seat :p) could work so good

    :) xx

  • I have one a bit like that in my car - my ex's brother saw it and asked if I had really bad hemorrhoids or something lol! :)

  • Lol :D at least we can laugh sometimes with all these bad things happening to us!

    Sometimes the way I see women with endo, I think we are warriors! :) x

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