Why does nothing work, so much pain :(

Im in sooooo much pain right now im curled up in bed crying with the pain and iv been awake since 1am throwing up i just want it to go away i really cant be doing with it no more.

My lower back is killing me and it hurts to take a deep breath in which is hard not to do when i cant stop crying.

Any ideas to help will be great, iv already taken paracetamol, diclofenic and dihydrocodiene and nothing is working :(xx

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  • Hi

    Sorry to hear you are in so much pain. I had an episode like this a few weeks ago and went to my GP in a complete state (a day later as I couldnt leave my bathroom floor when it was at its worse). She gave me a 24hr dosage of diclofenic which I took with tramadol and finally got some relief but I really should have gone sooner - my doctor said the 24hr dose is normally only prescribed for c-sections but it worked for me so I will be trying to get another lot of it. I don't normally get on with diclofenic much but the 24hr dose, with tramadol, did work and I took another this week but with codiene instead of tramadol and that seemed to work as well so it might be worth asking about that??

    It's not good that you're being sick so I think it probably is worth trying to phone your doctors now rather than suffering more - a hot bath might help as well.

    Hope you start to feel a bit better soon x

  • Hi

    Well, I know how hard it can be, we are all going through this pain.

    Have a hot bath and use constantly hot pads in all areas you are in pain.

    Is this the kind of pain you usually get, or is more severe all of a sudden? If it is something new, you should consider seeing your doctor, you never know, maybe a cyst ruptured in an ovary or something else is going on.

    Even if it is the kind of pain you already have, once again, seeing your doctor it would be good so you can discuss any other medication or treatment.

    No painkiller works for me, so I decided to live (until my next lap soon) only with hot pads!

    Are you close to get your period or in ovulation? My pain is the worst in both!

    Be strong :)

    Jo x

  • I cant really move out of bed n i cant lie on my back its that painfull iv not had pain this bad ever normally im not to bad il just make a lil combination of pain killers and take them but nothing at all has even took the edge of.

    I was put on the prostap injection over a week ago now so im desperate for that to start working i cant wait for the second one. If i woulf have had a period this month it would have been the 15th sept to around the 26th sept but there so over the place and i was told to come off the pill b4 i started the prostap and then 3days later i had bleeding like a period so im not sure where i am in cycle xx

  • If you are in that much pain and its completely new pain/different to what you've had before I really think you should call your doctors, if you cant get to them they will send a doctor out to you or get a doctor to phone you, they are the best people to give you advice particularly if this is unusal pain for you and you have only just had the prostap injection x

  • Hi ,sorry to hear how much your suffering.Prostap has got rid of my pain so i'm well at the moment.But don't suffer in silence if you cant cope just go strait to accident and emergency at your local hostpital, i used to be a regular and it is an emergency if your in such pain your being sick.They will give you morphine as quickly as they can if you explain.loads of women have to do it and theres no shame at being at crisis point.Every time ive had to do it ive apologised for having to come and they have always insisted i did the right thing. !!!Also doesnt help for your doc to get the letter saying you had to have morphine and realise how your current meds are not working. Hop

    e your feeling better today luv.x

  • Hi, I agree that you need to see your doctor, if you can't get to them ask for them to come to you. You may have a twisted cyst or something which is excruciatingly painful. I had this and also had back pain at the same time so they though it was that. I wish I would have gone to a and e, if it happened again I would. I took full tramadol full Dose and 30mg co-codamol with ibuprofen as well and was still in severe pain for 3 days. Please see a doctor if it is not your normal pain, I suffered when I didn't need to and I wouldn't wish it on anyone.

  • Hi, sorry to hear you're in so much pain. You said you had the prostrap injection a week ago? It is quite a common side effect to get more pain before it working properly. I've heard of this happening a lot on another forum. I agree go to a&e though, dont ever think you're wasting their time. They are here to help women in these situations. Hope you feel better soon x

  • I am so sorry you are in pain.

    I hope yo have a better time if you go to A&E then me.

    I went there with extreme pain and they treated me like I was not in pain and it was all in my head.

    I said I was suicidal I was in so much pain and all three times I did this I had to see a pychartrist and then got told to go home and take some co-codamol.

    I hope you feel better and let us know what is going on.

    Message me if you need to talk.

    Kind Regards


  • Hi girlies,

    Thanks for the replies i was going to go to hospital when my eldest took ill so i couldnt go i also phoned the nhs direct who where no help at all and i ended up fuming on the doctor as he tried to dismiss my pain and he was quickly apologising haha but thats not the point i have found that a couple of doctors i have spoken to are not clued up on this illness at all and we are left alone in the dark due to their lack of knowledge. To be honest i have found more out about endo from talking to the lovely ladies on here su h as yourselfs and getting info and advice from here and searching the internet. I think i would be at a complete loss if it wasnt for this site.

    The other night i ended up doubling up on pills and mixing some which i now i shouldnt have but it was just that bad, im feeling better today but im still getting back ache stabbing thigh/leg pain light headed, dizziness and im still off my food through the uncomfatablness.

    Thanks for the answers xx

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