how long can you stay on prostap

Hi I'm new to prostap but my pain has completly gone.Ive not had a twinge all month and am due my 2nd injection next week.Hope im not tempting fate saying that out Can anyone tell me how long you can stay on prostap ?Im having low dose hrt at same time and felt terrible first week after but great now.The doc mentioned 12 month is that it then or just 12 month before a break and i can go back on.Anyone been on it long term?thanksxx

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  • I think you have to have a break at some point. Not sure for how long though. I'm on norethisterone and it has the same kinda side effects. It can lower the density of your bones so it's important you do have a break (I think not positive). I'm allowed to go for 4 months then I have to have a break until I have a period, then I can go back on it. Don't know if this is any help whatsoever lol. xx

  • Hi Lou

    It depends on you and your consultant, really. As Missteal said, the main concern is bone density. I've heard stories from ladies who have been on it non stop for 2 years or more, but they've had regular bone density scans in that time to keep an eye on things.

    I usually have six months on then six months off with no add back HRT because it makes me feel worse

    It's brilliant that it's working so well for you and if your doctor is talking about a 12 month course initially they must be planning to monitor you, so it all sounds good! If they do decide that you need a break because your bones are thinning (no pun intended!) then it will be just that, a break until your bones have had chance to build themselves up again.

    Lots of love, C xxx

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