sudden sharp right ovary pain please help!

hi iam 26 have had 5 children i currently have other ongoing medical probs such as ibs inflammed gallbladder with gallstones and intensal spasms plus i havenet been abl to eat solid food for the past 6 months and have lost 6 stone but the past 4 months i have been having terrible pain in groin and ovarys during period and painful periods and after periods to some times its like i have pelvic pain for weeks then have my period for a week with the same pelvic pain annd added period pain and sharp pain in my ovary its sometimes constant sometimes comes and goes other months i can go weeks with out the pelvic pain and just have the pain in my ovary/s i currently have a sharp pain in my right ovary that comes and goes its a sudden sharp pain that feels like it my right ovary and then travels to my stomach bit like a spsam when it reaches stomach then goes in a bout a minute i suffer with terrible anixity so this does not help matters but iam so scared need some advice as just movedarea and dont have a doc yet (today my ibs has been playing up to i ve had spasms in my stomach on and off and instead of chronic constirpation i ve been to the loo twice today stools been soft for me but not loose) sorry for the graphic detail but just trying to explain someone anyone got any ideas?

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  • forgot to say my last period was 5/6 days a go dont know if this helps x

  • Hi

    Sounds like you have a lot going on :) Your pelvic and ovary pain sounds exactly like what I suffer from, only mine is my left side, this is the main pain/sympton I suffer with so I completely feel for you.

    All of us are different so its worth asking your doctors about it so I would register with a new doctor or if you are in a lot of pain go to a&e as you may get through to a consultant - you are not suffering from a minor sympton so I would get it checked out. For me, initially the doctors thought it was due to cysts but on a second opinion I was told this was wrong as the cysts were too small to cause so much pain, so on further investigation I have been told it's mainly due to two things:

    (1) my ovaries are completely embedded and pulled out to my sides, this causes strain etc and I get electric shock type pains in my left ovary sometimes.

    (2) my pelvic area fills with a LOT of blood each time I have my period! This sits in my pelvis/groin area until my body absorbs it which takes time, blood is an irritant so the doctors think this is what causes the prolonged pain (i.e. the days before and after my period). The consultant was extremely surprised to find so much blood in my pelvic area during my lap, although retrograde bleeding is the main theory for endo its thought that for most women this is only a small amount each month and not the blood bath I seem to have and my lap was after my period! Once I had been shown photos from my lap it made a lot of sense as some of my pain is almost a burning-like feeling on my left side (and in places my left side does actually feel like it gets hot!) and that's exactly what the photos looked like!

    If it's worrying you and you're in pain I really would advise you get it checked out, I had a couple of panic attacks due to it before I found out as I found the pain in my ovary really disturbing, but have been able to cope so much better now its been fully investigated etc and I know what it is.

    Hayls x

  • I had symptoms just like yours around the ovary a few years ago when I went off the contraceptive pill, spasms around ovary/ovary spasming and sharp pain coming and going in waves. Very sporadic sometimes pain was there a few days at a time and then sometimes not there at all.

    Doc diagnosed as ibs or thought it was referred nerve pain from my back as have mild curvature in my lower area of the spine. Went to physio - did no good. Right hip and lower back really hurting too. After suffering this on and off for 6 months I had one really excruciating period, then the pain disappeared for a whole year. Had ultra sound scan around time of pain and ovaries looked fine.

    But pretty much exactly a year later I was admitted to A&E because of such bad period pain and right ovarian pain. Had a ultrasound scan and it showed a chocolate cyst inside my ovary that was 3.5cm in size. I think the pain you may be experiencing may be endo cells developing in your ovaries. Ultrasound scans may not show the endo (it didn't show anything wrong with my ovary) but my cyst developed due to endo cells being there. I would go to GP and ask for an MRI scan they are better at showing the organs better than ultrasounds. xx

  • P.s the pain was like a spasm from my ovary that radiated around my back and toward my rib and sometimes it felt like a burning knife rolling around in my uterus. I think this was when endo was developing after coming off the contraceptive pill. The endo in my ovary was bleeding/swelling up and so causing pain in my ovary and caused the growth of a cyst inside it. Also had a lot if fluid in the pouch of douglas area and this caused inflammation too. Diagnosed with endo during lap last year to drain the cyst. x

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