Has anyone been prescribed norethisterone

I went to see my consultant last week and despite having a positive pregnancy test she did another one and was adamant that I'm not pregnant. I was disappointed to say the least.

She then told me that no treatment was 100 percent and she has tried norethisterone. I've taken it since Friday and I'm in worse pain than I have been for a long time. I've taken emergency leave from work. I literally can't move. I've stopped taking the tablets. But wondered if anyone had had a similar experience.

Christine xx

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  • I have had the opposite experience :/

    I've tried every other pill out there and they all make me bleed constantly. I have been taking norethisterone for about 3 months now and my pain levels have gone down loads. Sorry to hear you haven't got on with them. It may just be the wrong dose, I cut down to one a day and my pain came back and I started bleeding so went up to 3 a day for 4 days which stopped it all and am now back down to 2 a day. Maybe discuss it with your gp? x

  • hello

    i have been on norethisterone for about a year now. i have only known about my endo for 2 year i have had 2 surgery's and i am 25.

    norethisterone is good for stopping bleeding i havent had a period in a year and i only get little spoting time to time.

    on theses tablets i have gone from 8 and a half stone to 9 stone. i am also getting spots on my face i am a healthy eater and i now have a cholesterol of 10.2 which i am about to start pills for.

    high cholesterol runs in my family but i have been reading that norethisterone can make this worse.

    i also have a under active thyroid .

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