Had lapo but what next?

Hi all, thought I would update you. Had lapo and dye test on 14th sept. not very happy with the surgeon as he told me what he found whilst I was still very sleepy and did not give me time to ask questions! He said he had removed endo from my left ovary and both sides of my pelvic wall and the dye test showed my tubes were good he then said he would not be giving me a follow up :(.

Generally I feel ok and I'm glad it has been removed but I can't help feeling that I have just been left on my own, I dont know what to do next?

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  • Hi

    I'm glad you are feeling ok and everything looks good :)

    I think you should push for a follow up and if you are not happy with him, take your medical records to another gynae.

    I believe that women with endo must be monitored once in a while and this is what I'm planning too.

    Jo x

  • Hi

    I completely agree with Jo - glad you're recovering and I would push for a follow-up appointment. I'm assuming you had the dye test for fertility purposes so not being given an opportunity to discuss the lap etc is not good as I would expect you have questions. Unfortunately its completely normal for the consultants to come and speak to you whilst you are still sleepy, I couldnt keep my eyes open when my consultant was talking to me but I phoned a few days later and got a follow up appointment for the next week - I wasn't going to wait around for them to issue me an appointment, not when they hadn't exactly given me good news!

    If you struggle to get a follow-up appointment or it takes a while to get one it may be worth going to your GP to discuss for now as the gynae will send a letter through to your GP with the details of your lap and any major questions etc they may be able to put through to your consultant directly.

    Hayls x

  • Hi Donza,

    I had my lap 8 weeks ago today and my follow up appointment is 6 months, yes (months) away, so today because I am in still in pain ever since the op I have took matters into my own hands and went to gp and am now being referred to Mr Rowlands for a second opinion. His secretary was really nice to me on the phone and said I will be an emergency and I should see him in about 3 weeks. I have been banging my head against a brick wall the last 3wks ever since I found out that endo has been left on my rectum, which is causing my pain and problems. No one has listened to me, my surgeon and 3 gp,s. Even the gp i saw today I thought was very unpleasant. But I need this stuff taken off my rectum, hopefully without a colostomy bag which my surgeon has said I would need. I don;t want a bag and that is why I am getting a second opinion.

    I agree I feel as though I have been left on my own too.

    wp22 x

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