Endo pain coming back after lap, or just body recovering?

Hi. Had a lap 8 weeks ago where they removed a small amount of endo. My pain has come back! I'm ovulating, so would normally have had it at this time. I have no follow up appointment with gynae and want to know before I panic and go back to the gp if this is normal and part of settling down after the op. How long should I give it?

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  • My pain returned by my second period after my lap so it could be Endo or it could wel b where ur still healing, was the Endo lasered away? If so then it most likely is Endo acting up again, having Endo lasered doesn't actualy help in many ways as its only the top that gets burnt away still leaving the root of each lesion so it will just continue to grow, was this ur 1st lap? I'm sorry ur in pain again big hugs! Xx

  • after my lap I felt like a different person.

    But was in pain again 6-8months on so I was lucky it lasted a while. I would say go back to your gp ,the are far too quick to discharge with no after care, it really annoys me. I'm going though it all from the beginning again 3 yrs on and they only discharged me from gynae last october.

    hope you feel ok soon xx

  • I hope it is the healing process and you are endo pain free!

    Unfortunately my pain after lap was exactly the same before operation, as the gynae left some endo spots untreated (found out that later when i want for 2nd and 3rd opinion).

    It will be good to see your gynae again.

    Good luck

    Jo x

  • Hi

    I hope it's only healing pain. We're you expecting to get a follow appointment? For my first Lap the hospital forgot to request a follow up appointment so I rang and made one myself. I've just had my 2nd Lap and this time I've been sent a follow up date.

    Good Luck I hope what you have is healing pain and it stops soon.


  • Hi

    I had a lap nearly 3 months ago and I'm back in pain. Originally I thought it was healing pain but now I'm pretty sure its the endo rather than just healing pain, particularly as the lap was just to sort some of the adhesions etc rather than sort everything as the aim was to be as conserative as possible at the moment as we're trying to conceive. Last month I was in so much pain it was unreal and had to go to my GP, it was such a raw pain that I thought it was probably due to the recent lap more than endo and my GP agreed but I'm glad I went to see her as she gave me some different painkillers to try which I have used again this month. This month it hasnt been quite as raw a pain but is very much back to how it was before the lap and I'm sat at work putting a brave face on but I wasnt expecting any miracles.

    If I was you I would see how it goes but dont shy away from going to your gp if you are in pain - if anything just so that its in your notes etc. Also, I would definately try to get a follow up appointment with your gynae, mine was within 2 weeks of my lap but original plan was for more surgery and I was private but you should still be issued with one as mine was invaluable.

    Really hope its just healing pain and settles down x

  • Hi I also had lap nearly 8wks ago and have been in constant pain since I woke up from lap until now as I type this. I even went to hospital before my last period because the pain was so bad I thought I had an infection. Ended up with 2 lots of anti b,s. Same bad pain again before this period. I was told by my surgeon that he had taken everything away that he could see and even 3 different nurses also told me clear was a success. 5wks after op I went to my GP,s. Surgeon had sent GP letter stating I had 3 spots of endo still left in because I read the letter, even have a copy. I was, and am still very angry and upset. Everyone was telling me after op its the healing pain but I know different. Its the endo because some of it has been left in. So I am so sorry to say but its very well your surgeon hasn't taken it all away. I don't know if it grows back that quick but I e-mailed a women in America who was offering advice and she said its 'standard practice' to leave endo in. Don't know why, theres no sense in it whatsoever. I don;t know what to do whether to go get a second opinion and pay for private consultation. I want it gone. wp22 x

  • Wp22

    I was told that they left some in me because the surgeon couldn't laser to close to my bladder, I didn't think they could get all of it , I could be wrong tho


  • They never last. I was told that if you get a full year without pain you're lucky

  • Thanks for your replies. It's off back to the GP for me! Was hoping to avoid it as I think that I'll be forced down the line of hormonal treatment and I was hoping to avoid that.

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