Inflamed fallopian tubes

Hi everyone

Following a review with my consultant, I received a copy of the letter which my consultant sent my GP. As expected, it was a summary of our review and the suggestion that my GP prescribe a different type of pill.

What wasn't expected was the next paragraph where she explained she had gone back and looked at my operative photos (lap in March 2012) and noticed that my tubes were very inflamed and she was prescribing me antibiotics for a possible PID too.

I was really shocked and called her to ask what it meant. She explained she was just trying to cover all of her options but that she didn't think it was a PID. But she had never mentioned my tubes being inflamed before - she had always said they were fine.

I'm now concerned - if it is an infection or PID, how much worse will it be now six months after they originally looked inflamed. If its not a PID, could this be part of my endo?

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  • Hi,

    I too had a lap and I was told I had inflammed tubes, which the consultant thought was PID (pelvic inflammatory disease) and but it could be my endo. If it is PID it means that it was caused by an infection. I am not sure if they get worse. I was told that because they were blocked due to the scarring from the inflammation I needed to have them removed as inflammed tubes cause inflammation and I could no longer get pregnant naturally. So I am still not sure if it is endo or PID. I think they only way they could tell would be to get a sample of the tissue sent off to the lab.


  • Hi Miwa

    Thanks for your reply - so did you have to have your tubes removed? I'm concerned that something similiar is happening to me - first prognosis from my consultant in April after the lap was that I had no current problems conceiving but I'm now worried that if my tubes are inflamed there might be implications for me being able to get pregnant.

  • I did have my tubes removed, as I was told I would need IVF. Apparently my inflammed tubes had a hydrosalpinx, which is fluid within the tube. I am not sure if all inflammed tubes contain this fluid. My first IVF failed due to the fluid in both the tubes, and I was told it was a waste of time even attempting IVF again with my tubes still there as the fluid drips out in to the uterus, and causes the embryo to fall off. Some Doctors state the fluid is toxic to embryos. I would maybe find out if they consider your tubes to have a hydrosalpinx.

    Since I had both tubes removed I feel so much better, as it is if your body is fighting a constant infection with the "toxic" fluid constantly dripping out. My energy levels have really increased and I am so pleased I did it. So now I am going to have another go at IVF next year and feel more hopeful as the infected tubes are no longer there. Even though it took a while to get my head around removing my tubes to enable me to get pregnant.

    I was offered to have my tubes clipped so that the fluid could not drip out, but the problem with this is that as the fluid has nowhere to go, it can increase in size and cause increased pain. Also my consultant told me that the inflammed tubes alone would cause me pain, so removing them will not only help increase my chances of IVF working, but also reduce the pain too. I am so pleased I had the op.

    I hope this helps


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