Prostap Injection Useless!

I'm 19 and I've been on the Prostap injection since May.

I got told that if my pain didn't stop, it wasn't Endo related. True or False?

Also.. I haven't stopped bleeding at all! it's a nightmare! I get all of the side effects with none of the benefit, any ideas what it could be?

Also, how do i explain to my consultant? He just keeps saying to bring my mum in, or saying it's IBS. He won't fully explain anything without my mum and me and my mum don't even live together so it'd be a nightmare to work both our schedules around it!

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  • I'm so sorry to hear what a crap time your having.Ive heard lots of doctors say that if theres no reduction in pain from prostap then its not endo .All i can tell you is i was crippled with pain and prostap has completly stopped it all .The side effects are awful after first week but worth it for me to be pain free.You didnt say if you'd had a lap to actualy diagnose it as endo?And at 19 your consultant should only bring your mum in if you request it ,your a grown women so long as you are confident and articulate there should be no need at all to bring mum in. If you have not had a lap yet i think now is the time to strong and dont get fobbed off you know your body better than any one else.hope you get answers soon.xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • I had a laparoscopy last year to diagnose

    And since that another op to try and fit a coil or something but they couldnt do it

  • I was on prostap and although it did reduce the pain, it didn't stop it completely. As with so many endo treatments it seems to vary completely on the person. Not at all helpful I know! I'm currently on the provera pill and mirena coil which don't work as well as the prostap for me BUT I don't have the horrible side effects prostap gave me - its a bit of a balancing act I think.

  • I am so sorry to hear that you are having a tough time with all of this.

    I have been on prostap and Zoladex both with and without hrt in the past. It is nonsense that a consultant is saying if it does not work then it is not endo related as none of them worked for me but that is due to the nature of my endo. Each person is different and what may work for one may not work for another. During your lap did they just diagnose or did they remove some parts of it too, if so was it lasered or cut out?

  • Hi Pikachu

    Prostap was one of the options I was offered when first diagnosed with endo but I didnt like the sound of the treatment so I put it to the bottom of the list. Having then had excision surgery, a brief try of the Mirena coil which saw me admitted to hospital there was only Prostap left to try. And for me it worked, I felt on top of the world and wished I had tried it first. But as brighteyes above says every woman with endo reacts differently and we make different decisions about our treatment options so there isnt one standard procedure.

    I didnt have any bleeding either so iut does sound as though your body isnt agreeing with prostap. Would it be worth trying another GNRH such as zoladex or decapeptyl? You could suggest this to your consultant at your next appointment?

    The other thing I find a little strange is that you are 19 and entitled to be treated as an adult in your own right, You dont need your mum there in order for the consultant to explain his diagnosis and treatment plans for you. Yes you may wish your mum/partner/friend there for moral support but it sounds as though the consultant treats you almost as a child who is incapable of making a decision and retaining information yourself. Apologies if this isnt the case but no wonder you are fed up with the lack of progress in treating your endo/bleeding.

    Could you ask for a referral to a different gynae and start afresh?

    Good luck

    Caroline, xx

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