Just stop!!

Hi Ladies, hope you are all well and painfreeish :)

Right well...I was having a good couple of days last week. Monday came and I felt a little pain but it was alright, I could still be me. Then it gradually got worse as the week got on. I have been in soooo much pain. My lower back is agony, I have on and off cramp like things at my left pelvis and sometimes in the middle then the thighs came into play. Yesterday (Saturday) and today have been awful. My period isnt due for another week...well I stop taking the pill a week on Monday so I think that will be enjoyable!!

I have been emotional. Like I could cry all the time but I have been holding it in cause I have been hiding how bad I am from my mum so she doesnt worry. I have uni work to do and thats stressing me out cause it is a lot but all I want to do is cry and watch crap tv. I have had really bad toiletness and its agony!

I still havent heard from the hospital to see a gynae and i got referred on the 1st aug. I am getting really down to the point where I need to make myself get out of bed in the morning. Nobody understands and thats the worst of it. My painkillers have decided to stop working as well. Maybe a trip to the doctors is needed but god only knows how long i will need to wait to get an appointment with them. NHS is a disgrace! lol.

Someone just make it stop! Please!!!

Rach xxx

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  • aww Rach

    hope you are feeling a little bit better since you wrote this.

    I feel like I keep saying the same thing, but to different people (this being I totally understand how you are feeling ) but I guess thats why we are all here and even if we just tell each other we understand ..then maybe that helps ??

    since being on here I have noticed a lot of ladies saying about the thighs, my thighs get an aching or sometimes a numb feeling when I told my consultant she just ignored it and didn't really get it. but its so weird sometimes

    well hope you're ok just wanted to say that xx

  • Hi Rach,

    I'm sorry you aren't feeling great. I hope you get seen soon - if you aren't getting adequate pain relief then do go back to your GP - I spent weeks in agony because I wouldn't go...

    I know that feeling (echoing katey's sentiment) when the week to two weeks before your period is so bad you dread the thing itself. I know you'll get through it somehow. I certainly find I get much worse PMS when I'm in pain so don't worry about being emotional - I know it can be hard to hold it back. I know this sounds ridiculous, but try not to get too stressed, as it becomes a vicious cycle (at least with me) pain triggers stress about the pain which makes the pain worse...

    If you decide to go to the GP, you might be able to get a same day appointment if you ring up first thing in the morning, as there are usually a couple left for emergencies.

    I hope you get your appointment and start feeling better soon,


  • Hi.

    I am so sorry you feel this way, but you are not alone. I have the same pains as you and am waiting for a second lap. Am off work today as pain not good. You really should go back to gp and get them to chase it up. This forum is an amazing place and has helped me no end. It makes me realise that I am not alone and that there are thousands of women who suffer this dreadful disease.

    Message me if you want a chat. Xx

    Liz xx

  • Hi ladies

    Thank you for being so supportive.

    I made an appointment to see my GP....is 1st oct though!! Its all ridiculous the waiting is ridiculous but heyho lol

    I am exhausted today and I still have uni work to do. A hell of a lot of uni work to do. I just want all this to stop to be honest!

    Rach xxx

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