There is hope!

I've suffered for 23 years. I was on Zolodex for 2 years, had laser treatment and was on Dianette for the rest of the time. It was manageable because I only had the pain for the 10 days before my period. Then my blood pressure went up and the Dianette was withdrawn. Cerazette made me spotty and crazy so I've been without treatment for nearly a year. The pain was terrible so 4 weeks ago I decided to try the diet. I was dreading it. Best decision I've ever made. I've lost 9 pounds, I feel fantastic, I'm not hungry and I only had 1 pain spasm which wasn't even too bad. My period is a week early which I am wondering about but I was never so pain free, even on the Dianette. And I was really sceptical about the diet. Fingers crossed - a miracle has occurred!

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  • So glad you've found a solution to the pain. Natural/nutritional all the way! x

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