Laparoscopy & dye test with removal of cyst as & endo

Hi there, I'm a new member and would like to share my experience. I'm 28 and have always had uncomfortable periods since I was 10. I was diagnosed 2 months ago with endo and cysts, after having terribly painful periods. They were that bad I'd shove the duvet in my mouth and scream until the pain had gone. I lost days at work and it was emotionally unbearable for my husband who found it very disturbing. I had my laparoscopy on the 20th September 2012 and was told I had stage 4 endo. They also had to take away my left fallopian tube as it was blocked and very enlarged. I'm also being very careful as my bowel and bladder were stuck to my uterus causing bruising to both. It's day 2 and have not taken any painkillers only paracetamol for the pain in my shoulder. I just hope that my next period is pain free and I can conceive naturally.

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  • Hi Emma, I had my lap on the 5th and still don't know what stage I have. I just had a piece of paper after the op saying I had the cyst removed and my right tube is blocked. I have a follow up appointment in November and believe they are going to speak to us about IVF. I would've preferred for them to take out my Fallopian tube so u can just start to conceive naturally without fear of miscarriage.

    Good luck with it all xx

  • Hey Emma, I'm new on hear too, so I will share my problems with you too!

    I'm 29 and have also had terrible periods since I was 15. Been trying for a baby for 2 years so the next step was the lap.

    I had a lap on 5th sep, for a straight forward ovarian cyst removal and dye test! Woke up to find a drain coming out of my tummy! Turns out I've got grade 4 endo, and everything below my pelvis is stuck together, and to make matters worse the surgeon thought he had punctured my bowl in the process, so a bowel surgeon came to take a look but all was fine, but may have to have part of my bowel removed as it is damaged by then endo.

    So all the surgeon managed to do is remove some of the endo and 2 large cyst filled with yuck caused by the endo!!

    Going back to the hospital on thursday to see the consultant to be referred to see a specialist in either London or Cambridge for another op!!

    1 week into recovery and I get my period, been in agony for a week and bleeding very heavy!!

    They have also told me depending on what they find on this next op, I will properly need IVF as well!

    I really do hope everything works out well for you, coz I don't know about you but emotionally this is eating me up!

    Good luck!

  • Hey Emma1984

    Hope you are well today,I'm quite new here too.

    Could I ask what a dye test is and how do you find out what stage the endo is ? I think I don't ask enough questions when I go to hospital, I just got told I had severe endo after coming round from a cyst removal op, so what stage is severe ?

    To Emmieoaks- sounds like you have been through a lot, hope you are doing better, xx

  • Thanx Katey82 getting there slowly!

    I know you weren't asking me the questions, and i hope you dont mind me answering, but if it helps the dye test has nothing to do with the endo it's to see if the Fallopian tubes are blocked.

    Also endo is grade 1 - 4 1 being slight endo and 4 being the worst!

    Try writing your questions when they pop into your head this is what I've started to do as when you get in there it's so overwhelming!

    Hope this helps


  • Hi everyone, that's for the support. The surgeon I had was very thorough, he showed me before and after pics of my endo. The fallopian tube removed looked like an uncooked Lincolnshire sausage, the size of it really scared me and to lay on that side feels really strange, just empty. Today I'm getting queit a bit of bruising, I've taken my dressings off and replaced them with gauze and tape found t his helps movement. Really sore internally especially when I get wind! :$ but although it's personal going to the toilet has been fine just very sudden urge to go. I've not been eating alot just brown toast and granola (chewing it properly so no sharp bits go through!)

    My husband seems a little more at rest that im on the road to recovery and has been my rock when I've felt down and weary. Please feel free to ask me anything about it whether it's personal or not, I'd rather people ask than worrying about it alone, I've done it and allsorts of things run through your mind. I'm here to help x x x

  • @Emmieoaks - thank you that helps a lot, I will write my questions down next time, I'm far too much of a worrier about what the 'professionals' will think of me and I put all my trust in them, that they will tell me everything, but sometimes I think I want to know more its my body.

    I have been feeling more stressed about it since ttc, at the time of my lap 3 rs ago I wasn't bothered and thought it was all routine.

    thanks for answering my questions.

    @Emma 1984

    Your surgeon sounds great, did you ask to see it ? he sounds like he keeps you in the loop about whats going on in your body.

    hope you recover well and feel amazing after it

    love to you both

    Kate xx

  • Hi Katey82,

    The surgeon i had was really good, i've just come back from recooping away and found my follow-up appointment on the doormat! With regards to the photos, he showed me whether i wanted to see or not, but i'm glad he did because it was a right old mess in there before and after he'd done it, it looked really healthy minus a fallopian tube!

    It's been just over two weeks now since the op and i feel alot better, no aching swelled stomach and my period has started WITH NO PAIN, YEAH!!!!!! It's come around the correct time aswell so i'm really chuffed to bits at the mo.

    I've got my follow-up appointment on the 22nd Oct 2012, so i shall keep you posted.

    Take care xxx

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