Leg pain

Hi girlies,

Just a quick question does anybody else get leg pains with having endo?

My gp told me that leg pain is sometimes caused because of endo, but recently i have noticed my legs really really hurt if i have been walking around or driving a lot in a day and then on the when i finally get to rest and put my feet up they hurt a lot and i have random brusing on my legs?!

Does anyone else get this or now of this?

K xx

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  • Leg pain/achy legs is quite common with Endo, it could be refered pain, having Endo on the nerves could be the reason but if ur having random bruises without reason then it may b wise to see ur gp xx

  • Yes I had a miscarriage in feb- followed by lap. I was diagnosed at this point with mild endo however had adhesions - which were Lasered. This was when my leg/ buttock pain started. I also had 3 ovarion cysts on scan which they thought could be causing the pain. Following scan cysts were all gone, pain remained! :(

    Gp thinks sciatica and waiting referal to physio. I personally don't think so, I'm a nurse and it doesn't feel how I'd imagine. It's a constant dull ache in buttock. Recently some tingling numbness in leg. From what I've read- could be endo round sciatic nerve which is a worry!!! I will go along with gp anyhow. No back pain or abdo pain tho. Just painful heavy periods since I started menstruating!

    My pain Definately gets worse after sitting for long times.

    Also been to acupuncturist who felt it wasnt muscular either... Who's knows! X

  • i have leg pain also its awful the bruising could be low iron levels just a thought i use to have aniomia (sorry if spelt wrong ) if you have endo and your periods are heavy it might be worth a shot to aske for a blood test just to check i use to get bruising on my legs just appeared from no were

  • yep i gat leg pain x

  • Its just the brusing that concerns me its always in the same place iv got a doctors appointment this afternoon x

  • Thank you for asking this question as I have been getting pain in my groin and the top of my right leg and wondering if this was normal! Xx

  • Hi Emmie,

    Do you get any bruising on your legs aswell? Xx

  • No, can't say I do had a couple but don't think it's linked!! X

  • No, can't say I do had a couple but don't think it's linked!! X

  • Hiya yes I get leg pain/spasms/numbness/paralysis in one leg, and I was told that when I have periods my pelvis gets inflamed and this presses on nerves in the spine. Googling this (which I shouldn't do as it'd only worry me) brings up spinal endometriosis, but I'm not sure if that's the textbook answer for these symptoms. Bruising doesn't sound good so I'd see your doc about that.

    Hope you feel better soon


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