Well, I guess I would call this progress…

I felt absolutely rubbish Tuesday. Throughout work I had cramps and I went to the ladies’ as I had a suspicion that I’d started. Wiped myself with a few tissues, what do you know – blood.

And it wasn’t just the once I did that for, I did that four times and still more of the stuff came out!!

I started to panic and I knew full well I wasn’t in enough pain to warrant it as a period so I left it at that.

Six hours later I’m on the bus going home and I start coming over really ill, nauseous and dizzy and my stomach was cramping excessively. I thought that what I was feeling at that moment could have been a period but I wasn’t even expecting it as it wasn’t due for another week!

My boyfriend told me to have a shower while he made my tea, which was really nice of him as unless I’m on the floor or doubled over in pain I would usually have done my tea myself! Once I was in the shower I did a little check. I put my finger up and inside, took it out….there was more blood.

The pain got worse, much worse and I got really sharp pains in my stomach on one side.

So I went to the doctors, knowing that although I was told to come back if the numbness or weakness in my leg returned but I thought, “well, hang on. I’ve been spotting, which stopped and then restarted after I was in complete agony for a couple of hours. To me, that’s not normal.”

I saw a nurse practitioner who previously referred me for an abdominal ultrasound (of course that came back normal) for the same condition, that being painful periods. Although she didn’t say it was endometriosis, she has put me on Mefenamic Acid (500mg) tablets as I explained that pretty much all the way through my periods are quite heavy and painful.

She explained that failing that I would need to have a lap done, but she wasn’t keen on that being arranged for me without making sure that the periods could have a chance to become lighter and less painful.

So yeah. I’ll be taking my first dose today and I’ve got an appointment next week with a doctor I get on quite well with so hopefully things will be getting better.


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  • Aww that doesnt sound good, i hope u get some answers soon! Sending u (((hugs))) xx

  • Thanks hun. sending hugs back. xx

  • I hope you are feeling better today, this is a horrible disease and I hate it that the doctors and nurses treat you like there is nothing wrong with you.

    I hope you get the answers you need soon, if you need advice or just a chat give me a message.

    Kind Regards


  • Thanks for reply.

    I agree with you. It's frustrating when you get results for things like ultrasounds or blood tests and they come back normal. And when it affects your performance/how you feel at work, it's not the easiest thing to discuss with any of the management people because a) periods or menstrual problems are not things I find comfortable talking about with people I'm involved with professionally and b) they probably don't understand and they probably think it's natural for me to have painful periods/menstrual problems.

    Thanks for feedback again - because I really have no other people to turn to outside of this site the only other people I talk to is myself. :(


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